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  1. Practiced with Monterey also. Good looking team also. Similar to Pickett Co. Both very good.
  2. Pickett County. Has size and physical. Good looking team.
  3. Harriman High School Christmas Tournament (Team listed first will be Home on the scoreboard) Wednesday, December 28th Harriman High Harriman Middle 10:00 Wartburg vs Sweetwater-Girls 11:30 Wartburg vs Clarkrange-Boys Jackson County vs Kingston-Girls 1:00 Midway vs Sweetwater- Boys Kingston vs McMinn Central-Boys 2:30 Scott County vs Coalfield-Girls Rockwood vs Lookout Valley-Girls 4:00 North Greene vs Coalfield-Boys Rockwood vs Oneida-Boys 5:30 Oliver Springs vs Harriman-Boys Tellico vs Dresden-Girls 7:00 Harriman vs Sunbright-Girls Oakdale vs Clinton-Girls 8:30 Harriman vs Rhea County-Boys Oakdale vs Cumberland County-Boys Thursday, December 29th Harriman High Harriman Middle 10:00 Dresden vs Jackson County-Girls 11:30 Coalfield vs Rockwood-Boys Lookout Valley vs Wartburg-Girls 1:00 Coalfield vs Rockwood-Girls North Greene vs Oneida-Boys 2:30 Midway vs Oakdale-Boys McMinn Central vs Wartburg-Boys 4:00 Scott County vs Sunbright-Girls Clinton vs Tellico-Girls 5:30 Oliver Springs vs Sweetwater-Boys Kingston vs Clarkrange-Boys 7:00 Harriman vs Sweetwater-Girls Kingston vs Oakdale-Girls 8:30 Harriman vs Cumberland County-Boys Rhea County vs Oakdale-Boys Friday, December 30th Harriman High Harriman Middle 10:00 Sweetwater vs Sunbright-Girls 11:30 Kingston vs Dresden- Girls Sweetwater vs Clarkrange-Boys 1:00 Kingston vs Rhea County- Boys North Greene vs Wartburg- Boys 2:30 Oakdale vs Rockwood-Girls Clinton vs Wartburg- Girls 4:00 Oakdale vs Rockwood- Boys Jackson County vs Midway-Girls 5:30 Oneida vs Harriman- Boys Oliver Springs vs Midway- Boys 7:00 Harriman vs Lookout Valley- Girls Tellico vs Coalfield- Girls 8:00 Harriman vs McMinn Central- Boys Cumberland County vs Coalfield-Boys
  4. Looking at the criteria. Criteria 1: Total wins. Grace, Oneida & Boyd end up with nine wins each. Criteria 2: Teams on schedule that have won 50% of games. Grace has seven teams, Oneida & Boyd have five. Grace gets first bye. Criteria 3: victories over teams that have won 50% of games. Oneida has four, Boyd has four. Oneida & Boyd remain tied. Criteria 4: victories by opponents: Oneida had 47, Boyd 41. Oneida gets second bye. Don't know if this is how TSSAA did it, but it seems right.
  5. Rockwood does NOT play Kingston. I do not remember the entire schedule but I believe Rockwood plays Oakdale. Kingston vs. Oneida.
  6. Congratulations to McMinn County & Coach Elliot. Have known Coach Elliott for many years since team camp days at Whitwell. Good coach & person who deserves the trip to Murfreesboro.
  7. District 3A Tournament / Rockwood High School Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010: Games at higher seed 1. Tellico Plains 8. Bye 4. Rockwood 5. Berean Christian 3. Midway 6. Greenback 2. Harriman 7. Grace Christian Semi-finals: Saturday, Feb. 20 Championship & Consolation: Tuesday, Feb. 23 Friday, Feb. 19, 2010: Games at higher seed 1. Grace Christian 8. TSD 4. Harriman 5. Rockwood 3. Midway 6. Greenback 2. Tellico Plains 7. Berean Christian Semi-finals: Monday, Feb. 22 Championship & Consolation: Wednesday, Feb. 24
  8. Rockwood @ Harriman rescheduled for Saturday, Jan. 23. Regular times.
  9. Rockwood @ Tellico Plains District 3A game Tuesday, Dec. 22
  10. Congratulations to Goose. He does a great job covering five high schools with limited resources. Deserving of any awards he receives.
  11. Cosby-62 Rockwood-34 Cosby is an excellent ballclub. Well coached & play hard. Had an outstanding night shooting the ball.
  12. Games will be made up on Saturday, Feb. 12 at regular times.
  13. Jeff Allen & Sam Kirkham - Rockwood High School Boys Assistants
  14. Jeff Allen & Sam Kirkham - Rockwood High School Boys Assistants
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