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  1. Runrdad, this is a great list you compiled here. Where do we stand as far as the Tennessee High School which produced the most NBA players? Does anyone know?
  2. VolunteerGeneral, I received your message. It's been awhile since I logged into the site. No, I'm not the guy you are thinking of. However, I was in the student section alot between 1981 and 1986. Sorry, for the long delay in the reply. I hope everything is well in Jackson.
  3. No problem, bballer13, I appreciate your opinion.
  4. You don't see much Memphis basketball. Wooddale was known to do this throughout the entire season three years ago. This has been done many times if a team is in a zone and the winning team wants to pull them out of it. I was a high school basketball statistician from 1976 to 1979. I have attended high school basketball games since. Yes, many Memphis teams like to play the uptempo game because of the type of athletic talent available in the city and the kids like to play that style. But there are many teams that will slow it down in district 16 and 15. Fairley is a prime example. Although thay have the talent to play uptempo, Coach Ford perfers a slower half court game. Mitchell was successful last night because of the popular sterotype that Memphis basketball is not well coached and is always uptempo. Don't believe the hype. Take a look at the past state championships won by Memphis teams and the style they played. If you don't know that then you haven't attended many state championship games.
  5. What a shock, another victory for the Memphis coach!
  6. Well, there goes my prediction of a R/E championship. Congrats to Shelbyville. Last we on a post I asked a question about Shelbyville and why everyone in Middle Tennessee was so high on them. Well tonight they shown why. If they can beat R/E then they have a real shot at Hamilton, provding that Hamilton make it that far. Good Luck Shelbyville.
  7. That's says it all. Best post of the day.
  8. Are ya'll on crack?! ? Crystal meth!?! Hamilton by 10. Turn the page, turn the page please.
  9. It looks like that blind squirrel is finding that nut!
  10. It sounds like it was a good game. Its a shame they had to meet now, it would had been better for the gold ball. Congrats to both teams!
  11. Well said Carmel, I couldn't agree more.
  12. Oh come on Coach! Hamilton doesn't like to play defense???? You based this on one game against Melrose. Ok. I watched them play JCM. Let's ask their coach and players if they like to play defense. Lastly, Hamilton likes to dunk. This has been going on for 20 years. This is a bad thing if they miss the dunk or get called on a charge. In the JCM game this wasn't the case. If Bartlett had the players with the same ability, you would be dunking also. It will be Hamilton and R/E in the finals. I predict a R/E win for the gold ball. By the way, the last time we chatted didn't you predict that R/E will finish fourth in the district tourney? So much for that. Coaching without tallent will get you a little better than .500.
  13. Congrats to the Hillcrest Lady Vikings! It has been awhile for a Memphis City School girl team to win the gold ball.
  14. That's a shame. Well I predict a Hamilton and R/E final.
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