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  1. Lexington is talented but also very young. This game won't make or break the season as far as records go, but I think it have a positive impact , win or lose, on the young freshman players that play tonight. They'll be a long, long, way from middle school ball when they hit the field tonight, time to grow up early. I'm pulling for Lexington..wouldn't surprise me if the score was 17-14 either way....a blowout by either is hard to see also. Should be a great game.
  2. If you guys are starting a 9U team I might know someone that would be interested. My son plays for Lightning Baseball, we have a pretty good relationship with your team. I don't know who your 9U coaches will be, but I will tell the parents that you guys are a class act in 10U. There's an 8 year old that I know is looking for a team, of course he will be considered 9U for the 2012-13 season. I will give his parents your contact info.
  3. If anyone finds one please shoot me an email at [email protected] We are looking also.
  4. montague1


    Lay off of those turkey legs and you will have a free hand to send a email or text.....just saying Coach Burke. LOL
  5. Tough loss for Lexington, but congrats to Page. I've been involved in youth sports in Lexington for years. Everyone that I coached with knew this group was special. We always thought that if we were gonna win a championship, this group would get it. The good thing about it is most of the kids are juniors, the bad thing is that we lose a lot when we lose Kerry Sellers. I'll be at the Liberty games now, sucks...but it is what it is.
  6. Terry Webb was the truth when he was the qb at Lexington. He might have been the best one ever there if he had evan's talent.
  7. 20 years? That's saying Kerry was better than Micheal Thomas. My senior year our QB was Phillip Wood, if he wouldn't have quit mid-season he would have had monster stats.
  8. LMBO, it can't be any worse than the rant you had about that basketball team. You got kicked out of a game for that one. LOL..I promise you that when you was leaving the game I believe you could have put the smack down on a lot of people.
  9. Have you seen the facilities at Briarcrest? I would take a janitors job there if they offered me one, LOL.
  10. Evans and Kerry were not on the same team. Evans had Jonathon Deberry, Cedric Feilds, and Kevis Buckley. He would throw 5 yards slants to Buckley and Kevis would take the ball at least 20 yards down field for him. Kevis went on to lead the NCAA in interceptions one year and star in the arena league.
  11. Lexington beat a good Page team 3 years ago when most of these boys were starting as freshmen and sophomores. Hopefully we can pull it out this weekend also.
  12. Solomon is right, this staff knows how hard its going to be to even get to Cookeville. They also know what Greeneville is going to bring to the table, but both teams still have to get there. I wish all of this Lexington/Greeneville talk would stop. As good as both teams are, there are still a bunch of teams that have something to say about handing them both invites to the state championship game.
  13. Still undefeated...pretty much all I NEED to say.
  14. Polls don't mean a thing, it comes down to be able to win 5 playoff games. That's about all I have for this topic.
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