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  1. If it is the same one I seen that makes me wonder also. I just cannot remember where at on Facebook I seen it.
  2. So my question is this. How did the Sullivan County Health Department know that a player on McMinn County had tested positive if the player didn’t get tested Sullivan County Health department. That is what I’m not understanding
  3. Yes DeKalb is taking on Nolensville again unless COVID hits either one
  4. This is from the TSSAA website https://tssaasports.com/sports/football/playoffs/
  5. What! a fight during the Stone Memorial vs Clarkrange game? It depends on if any players left the bench and also if any fans came onto the floor during if it they will be put on probation. If none of that happen then the two boys will probably just have to sit out one game that is if they was ejected from the game. If they wasn't then they might be able to play the next game that will be up to the coach.
  6. What is everyone's predictions on this game. No one gave Region 3 a chance of winning a first round game against Region 4. Well, Region 3 won two games so can region 3 win this week. I'm going out on the limb and saying yes Livingston Academy and DeKalb County moves on. Everyone give your thoughts
  7. This game could possible decide 2nd place in the district. So who does everyone have in this game. I am taking DeKalb County since it is at DeKalb County. They also are a good team. I hadn't seen Macon but I'm going with the home team DeKalb County.
  8. I look at this way. You should go to the high school that is closest to the elementary school that you go to. Say if you go to Avery Trace or Prescott you should go to Cookeville High School. That is out of respect. Cause if those schools are good enough for you to go to then why wouldn't the high school be good enough for you. Yeah I can understand that Cookeville High School is bigger than Upperman but that shouldn't be a issue.
  9. I wondered of anyone got a picture of this or a film of this. If they did they should send it in to TSSAA even though they probably wouldn't do anything about it.
  10. did Tech give them a reason for Tech not being available
  11. Does anyone no the schedule for this tournament December 27-29, 2018 at Macon County. Of so could you post it
  12. You can White House to this list. Coach Jeff Porter stepped down today. Here is the link to the article https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/12/10/high-school-football-white-house-coach-jeff-porter-steps-down-tssaa/2269832002/
  13. Well Pickett was a little better than LA but LA showed determination. Pickett only won by 5. The final was 55-50
  14. Where is the other one. I don’t see it.
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