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  1. vufan61

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Would this information fall under public records? If so, the list had to be given upon request. Just a thought, I could be wrong.
  2. vufan61

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    This is unusual circumstances because Dr. Satterfield has a son in the mix for the job. In my opinion, Blake is a strong candidate for this job for many reasons. I believe the list went public because it allows people see who all was interested and who was possibly the best fit. It would be a good defense against all those in the community who might cry foul if and when Blake is hired. This is my humble opinion and could very well be wrong. I also have my opinion about the Vidette, but that is a whole different conversation
  3. vufan61

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Not a relative. Just a guy that has spent his fair share of time around the football program.
  4. vufan61

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Let me put this to rest. Coach Clint does not try and control the coaches. He will come around and watch practice. He will come hang out at the field house, but he only gives input when asked. He started helping this year when he was asked to help. All the years I spend down there, he never made any coach do something. However, how many programs have a hall of fame coach that you can bounce ideas off of? When I was coaching and needed some help, I too would ask him questions. Even then he would only suggest ideas. Only an idiot would not take his suggestions. So, Clint does not coach from the sideline or press box unless he is asked to do so. I’ve heard enough about him controlling the program.
  5. vufan61

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Congrats to Coach Woodmore from all your friends back home in Trousdale County https://www.lexingtonprogress.com/2018/12/03/rennard-woodmore-named-scotts-hills-next-head-football-coach/
  6. vufan61

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    The new hire is a great coach and an even better man. Great hire for you all!!
  7. vufan61

    Meigs County @ Trousdale County - Semifinals

    As much history as TC has, there have not been many semifinal games played on the Creekbank. Does anyone know the years TC has hosted semi’s?
  8. vufan61

    Adamsville's Gray is one of the best

    Coach Grey is a good coach. He also has a good staff. As far as I know, he has be able to keep the majority of his staff for the last 8 or 9 years. We have tried our best to get one of your coaches to come back home and lead our program, but he won't leave Adamsville. That is a testament to your school and supporters. I've been to some games there and Adamsville does a great job of showing great support to their players and coaches alike. That is rare these days. Keep up the good work down there and good luck to the Cards the rest of the way.
  9. No one on here knew it until you made it public knowledge. We don't have to give an injury report like the NFL. I'd be willing to bet as soon as someone read this they told the Westmoreland coaching staff. They probably immediately decided to spend more time working other parts of our offense instead of our fullback game. That is how it works. I seriously doubt you ever played here because you don't know the number one rule of Jacket football. "What we say here and what we do here.............."
  10. Hey genius, how about keeping things like this off of the boards! Remember, "lose lips sink ships"
  11. vufan61

    Any 2017 schedules finished?

    Trousdale Co. Schedule for 2017 Lebanon (A) Friendship (H) Watertown (A)* Gordonsville (H) Westmoreland (A)* Macon (A) East Robertson (H)* Whitwell (A) Cascade (H)* Open Jackson Co. (H)* *District
  12. vufan61

    Next Head Coach at Trousdale County?

    Your are seriously mistaken if you think for one minute that either or the Satterfield's are are going to be a head coach in Trousdale. I would like to know who you think the future coach is?
  13. vufan61

    Next Head Coach at Trousdale County?

    I have heard the same thing about Perry.
  14. vufan61

    Next Head Coach at Trousdale County?

    Woodmore was offered the job last time. He turned it down for many reasons. Hughes was offered the job last time too, he didn't want to live in Hartsville. He may have a hard time getting the job this time after turning it down last time