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  1. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Brentwood vs. Ravenwood

    it is gonna be a good game and i think it will end in a ravenwood 1-0 victory cause brentwood is not as good as every body thinks
  2. ravenwood_state_champs05

    McCallie vs. Ravenwood Friday

    I think it is gonna be a good game and Ravenwood will come away with the victory GO RAPTORS
  3. ravenwood_state_champs05


    Alex Barnes for Ravenwood is the best goalie in the state
  4. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Ravenwood - JP II

    So how do yall think JP 2 and ravenwood game will go
  5. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Ravenwood- MBA tonight

    i was glad to hear u guys think ravenwood will win state which i hope they do and where were yall sitting if u were there
  6. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Ravenwood- MBA tonight

    well i believe yall are both wrong ravenwood won 7-6 so yeah and next year ravenwood will beat them again
  7. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Ravenwood- MBA tonight

    what do u think the out come will be in this game. I think it gonna be a great game and ravenwood will win
  8. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Tournament of Champions

    Ravenwood beat Mcgavok 2-0 and won the tournment
  9. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Tournament of Champions

    Ravenwood 7-0 over glenclif which i heard glenclif stinks
  10. ravenwood_state_champs05

    Ravenwood-Father Ryan

    who do yall think will win the Ravenwood-Father Ryan game tonight
  11. ravenwood_state_champs05


    that new kid is not the team they have a lot of good players like the goalie and then one of there best players is injured and the defense is pretty good so yall dont know wat yall are talkin bout that he is the only player because he is not and ravenwood is gonna be a treat and will play brentwood in the district final
  12. ravenwood_state_champs05

    FRA VS. Ravenwood

    yeah well ravenwood won 4-1
  13. ravenwood_state_champs05

    who do u think will be the best in williamson county

    i think ravenwood is gonna be a good team this year that have a lot of good player and they kicked butt last year and only graduated 6 seniors
  14. ravenwood_state_champs05

    5A state championship game

    Yea wat do yall have to say about Ravenwood now STATE CHAMPS GO RAPTORS