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  1. I have never seen -- or read about -- a worse team to ever represent the school. I can see why Dan Duff pulled a Steve Spurrier and bailed out.
  2. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uctv-265 Every Friday night from 11 p.m. to midnight, Eastern. Emphasis on Chattanooga-area FB, but enjoyable for fans of any school IMO.
  3. I mean a looong time ago, Boog. '80s. Maybe not a doormat, but they wouldn't be seen beating RB.
  4. I guess they are D2 now. Seems like it was not that long ago that Boyd was a doormat. Now they have a very strong program. Seems like the win over Red Bank a few years ago was a watershed moment. I remember thinking, "That's not supposed to happen." Credit to them.
  5. FYI, I'm 100% against a public-private split and the zillions of classifications we have today. IMO we should have no split and should go back to three classes. I couldn't tell you what class my own high school is in anymore without looking it up. As a fan, it has severely affected my interest of HS FB. IMO it is the fault of the public school system that the privates dominate. That said, many kids zoned for publics do wind up at privates in today's environment (and who can blame them?). Regarding the above, maybe a star football player living on Tombras Avenue in ER, who could have helped the Pioneers in the playoffs, instead attended Mc or B or Boyd or Silverdale. Again, hard to blame the kid, if so. Yes, ER did beat ND in regular season. But they also lost in playoffs. Look forward to following your posts here. Guessing you either live in Chatty or are a huge follower of HS FB -- or both.
  6. Wow, good info. I take what you say as true, but players zoned for places like ER, Hixson, Red Bank, or Soddy-Daisy often wind up at the big privates in town, which would hurt those publics in the playoffs, which I'm sure you know. Didn't Notre Dame knock ER out that year? Surprising that they had none from the ER zone.
  7. Don't know when this will be updated (still has last year's team info), but there are some good feature articles in there anyhow. Guessing this has already been linked here. But just in case. Also has info on N. Georgia teams in the Nooga area. http://chattanoogahighschoolfootball.com/
  8. Glad his dad is doing better. Last I heard he was going through some health problems. One thing not many can beat Polk in is the beauty of the stadium, with the mountain in the background (behind the visitors' stands). In fact, I remember telling that to Derrick when I met him. Polk is one of those teams I have no connection to but always cheer for.
  9. Malone had a great season at East Ridge a few years ago finishing the regular season undefeated (not easy to do in Chattanooga where the privates scoop up all the talent). He then went to Whitwell for a season. Before all of that, he had been at Riverdale and at schools in Alabama and Georgia. Apparently, he was burned out and went into private business as a real estate agent after Whitwell. The coaching bug got him again and he is now at Austin-East. He really connects with high schoolers and is a fine field coach. I don't know what the talent is like at A-E these days. But if it ever returns to how it was during the days of the McKenzies and Leroy Thompson, and others, it could be interesting.
  10. https://wdef.com/2015/08/11/brain-cancer-survivor-austin-roden-back-coaching-east-ridge-and-coaching-to-beat-cancer/
  11. When did the two teams last play? I hadn't thought of it until reading this post, but I don't recall them ever playing. Is Derrick Davis still the coach? I met him one time when I was checking out the new stadium. Really a nice guy. Glad to see them doing well and hope they have a big season.
  12. Article asks if we are getting away from the main reasons for having HS sports. http://www.athleticbusiness.com/high-school/what-is-the-purpose-of-high-school-sports-br.html?eid=298147554&bid=1166434
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