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  1. FCS got the easier bracket this time, just like Riverside has the last several years (to the best of my memory). I think that the 8 teams in this year are the strongest 8 overall in several years.
  2. Scott's Hill's whole town will be there. Literally.
  3. The funny thing is that this slow team that can't handle a press ousted a fast, guard-laden team whose bread and butter is the press....
  4. That's the difference between Bradford and Scotts Hill. When you come to Scotts Hill, it's ALL their gym. Besides, the Bradford side was kinda empty and needed some cheering fans to make it look less naked. And if you are interested in talking to ape man, then I'm sure you can find him at the STATE TOURNAMENT on Wednesday!!
  5. defender25

    Red Cards

    blankguy, as far as keeping your mouth shut and playing the game, I agree with you. I don't think the soccer field is the place for foul language, whether it's aimed at an opponent, referee, teammate, coach, or fan. As far as being disrespectful to an adult.....it shouldn't matter what age the person is. Treat people with respect, no matter how old you are and no matter how old they are. As far as the coach not caring whether or not his player picked up a yellow.....I disagree there. I think in some cases, the punishment does not have to be "well you're going to sit on the bench for the rest of the game". Just because the coach puts the player right back in the game does not mean he doesn't care, or condones what the player has done. There are other ways of punishing individual players without hurting the whole team. Now if there are team rules, and a system of consequences and rewards that are established well in advanced, I think that's a different story. Follow the rules. I do agree with a lot of what you're saying, BUT.....I think it's completely different when the card is shown for something other than dissent, or language. When a card is shown for just playing hard, and you happen to foul somebody in the process.....let's just say that if I were a coach, I would love to have a team full of players who played so hard they were close to the line. And along the lines of respect.....I am referee myself, and I think it is absolutely disgusting the lack of respect that many referees show to the players. As far as I'm concerned, the players are MUCH more courteous to the refs than the refs are to the players. I've seen refs yell at players for no reason, I've seen players be completely ignored by the refs when they are asking a question; I've seen a lot. What I've found is this: respect the players, and 99% of the time they will respect you. I try to always say "yes sir/no sir" when asked questions on the field by players, always respond to queries from players as fast as I can considering the flow of play at the time, try to give warnings when they are in order instead of just throwing a card without one (when a warning is in order). I even apologize as soon as I get the chance if I realize that I've made a bad call. And let me tell you, having been a player and a referee.....that is rare. You just don't see many refs apologizing for ANYTHING:) And I've found it goes a long way in having the players and coaches respect you, and it keeps tempers down and helps the game flow much more smoothly in general. In my opinion, if you walk on the field as a ref and expect the players, coaches, and fans to all bow down.....HAHA! Respect them, and you won't have too many problems. The problems start when a ref has his head up his butt and his finger in his nose, and thinks he cannot possibly be wrong about anything.
  6. defender25

    Red Cards

    Interesting points.....I wasn't at these games that you were talking about where the keeper was involved in a collision, but I have been playing soccer since I could walk, and now I ref and play, and I find it extremely rare that an attacker actually goes after a keeper and doesn't play the ball at all. When a goal is so close that you can taste it, most of the time the attacker will try to score instead of trying to injure the keeper. Maybe one of the two is injured in the process, and I agree that is very unfortunate, but 99% of the time I don't believe it's on purpose. As far as the increased penalty for a red.....I do think that the penalty needed to be stiffened, because before there were players that were just plain reckless and were committing obvious red card offenses blatantly on purpose, and only having to sit the rest of the game that was probably already 5-0 anyways. But it is a very valid point that now a bad call by a referee during the last regular season game could cost a senior a senior night as well as the first round district playoff game. And depending on who that player is, it could end up costing his whole team a regional appearance. So while I do agree something needed to be done......I would like to see some kind of appeals process. Maybe there already is one that I don't know about??? Anyone know about anything like that?? Maybe if someone caught it on videotape (which is highly likely nowadays where almost every high school sporting event is taped by somebody), they could appeal it, or something along those lines. Because it would be awful to make a kid sit the most important game of the season because of a crap call by a ref in the game before.
  7. sorry antwan; good call! i'm in the old days; smith WAS a 3A team up until.......was last year the first in 2A?? i believe it was???.....and you're right about the gold ball too......but TC did have an impressive run in 3A.....especially for a legit 1A school. SC has a heck of a running back this year......i had heard about him, but hadn't seen him this year until tonight. great back. and is the Wilmore Michael's brother???
  8. I just wanna take this chance to say that RBS will not be a playoff team in the next 15 years......talk to somebody up there......anybody......even an honest coach..... that being said, i have the utmost respect for their players. they have some of the biggest kahunas in the state. they work their butt off all summer just like everybody else, play hard just like everybody else, and get smashed just about every game, and know they have zero realistic chance at the playoffs, and they still put in the time and effort it takes to do it. they are to be commended.
  9. wow, haven't been on here in a while..... just got back from the game; stopped in to see some old friends afterwards......just like last year's game, TC got their butt's handed to them. they absolutely insisted on running the ball every single down; i recall maybe 2 passing attempts the whole game.....i just wondered why???? i mean, early on, OK, whatever, stick to the game plan. but when it's the third quarter and you're down 21 points and you're not even turning a first down out of what you're doing, and haven't the whole game.......it might be time to start throwing....but i do have complete faith in Coach Satterfield. he is one of the best coaches in the state, and TC is always always always ready to play come playoff time. always. plus smith co. is a very good 3A team, so......but then again it wasn't too long ago that a certain 1A schol was winning gold balls in 3A........TC cough cough...../smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> also TC's band has drastically improved over the past few years......go band!! and kudos to SC's coaches and players and fans for their sportsmanship........it's always good to see players and coaches and fans who know how to show class, and it doesn't go unnoticed!
  10. Good post If they're recruiting, their recruiter should be fired! 'Cause 3 in 7 years isn't exactly rollin' 'em in
  11. If everything was limited to instrumental, it would take the judgement out of it. No one would be offended, and you could play whatever music you like.
  12. You sure told him........feel better now......
  13. Ahh yes; Clinch......I remember the dead flies on the floor......
  14. Wouldn't happen to be Smith County, would it????....and I'm not being sarcastic..... And the funniest thing I've ever seen at a ball game was when a team was getting killed on the road and (probably because they suspected they might) brought a guy who'd never played before, just for kicks. Well, sure enough, the game was very one-sided, and in the 4th quarter, they put the kid in. He had a jersy, but no shorts, only snap up warm up pants to match the color of the team's shorts. Well, about a minute later there was a loose ball, and a guy from the other team went after it, and caught his hand on this guy's pants and ripped them almost all the way off. Well, since he was running, he obviously got tangled in them, fell, and finished the job. Not only that, he didn't have on under armor, or even boxers, but whity-tighties! The ref stopped the game at the next dead ball and one of his teammates had to help him off the court. I laughed until I cried!
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