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  1. Pioneer, I just ask one thing--if SHS and GC somehow meet up, make sure your band mingles with the SHS band. As to SHS/LHS basketball--that is a war that will never end. Seeing as how the bigger school in the county wont play either of them anymore, county pride is on the line between these two. They both take it serious. And it wont end anytime soon. Im told that there is a younger Weathers that is supposed to be better than big sis--I would have to see that to believe it, but I hear that is the case. Im sure Brazier can elaborate on that. The region being in Lawrenceburg this year is a huge plus for SHS/LHS. While it appears to be a 3 team race, one has to think the decided advantage is with the two Lawrence County schools. As for sectionals/substate (whatever you call them), I really dont see anyone in 5A that can beat any of the 3 from 6A.
  2. IT is all nothing more than a formality until Cookeville where I expect to see Lake Co hooking up with South Pitt. South Pitt is young and built for the next couple of seasons to really do damage. Lake Co, imo, will be getting that gold ball.
  3. Summertown has given up 21 or more 1 time since week 3...And you think you are going to put up 34? Did you bump your head when you fell out of that tree?
  4. If y'all have any question of what Summertown is like in athletics, head on down to y'alls gym and give ol' Les a holler.
  5. "Fayetteville's complaint to the Lincoln County chancery court included that the TSSAA's constitution and bylaws include "numerous provisions that require the TSSAA executive director to perform certain duties including the initiation of investigation, notification to the school that it is being investigated, evidence-gathering, conduction hearing and determination of whether a violation has occurred, and, if so, what penalties should be imposed." The complaint stated that there is no provision by which Childress may delegate his duties." Appealing his authority and not his eligibility. They know he does not live within the bus route of Fayetteville City High School and thus is ineligible. They just dont think the assistant has any authority to make this ruling.
  6. Did anyone actually read todays article in the Tennessean about the litigation being dropped and holding the appeal on Tuesday. Fayetteville isnt appealing the eligibility. They are appealing on the grounds of authority of the decision maker. Isnt that sort of an admission that they know the kid is actually ineligible?
  7. I kinda like it. Giving Summertown no chance to win. That is the same amount of chance anyone gave them to get into the playoffs before the season started.
  8. If Eagleville loses and Summertown wins, Eagleville is out on a tie-breaker with Loretto. If Eagleville and Summertown both lose, it is a 3 way tie for 3rd between EHS, SHS, LHS-all with 2-3 region records. First tie-break is total wins.
  9. This from my daughter in law, who graduated Lincoln County High and has a sibling currently in LCHS. LCHS and Fayetteville city do not share busing. It is open enrollment throughout the county. If you can get to the school you can go there. LCHS has no buses within the city limits. Fayetteville City has no buses in the county.IF you live in the city you can go to LCHS but provide your own transportation. Same with Fayetteville City-if you live in the county you can go to City but must provide your own transportation. I think the issue on eligibility comes in prior to their participation in Alabama. Were they part of the LCHS system as an athlete before going to participate in Alabama or was he originally at City?
  10. Not true. This came down last week. The appeal was suppose to have been head YESTERDAY.
  11. Doesnt the original letter state "based on the information you have provided"? Could it be that Fayetteville did not include all of the information? Wouldnt be the first time a school did such.
  12. It is a bad look for Fayetteville to completely ignore the appeals process and jump straight to court system. Had they waited a couple of hours to ride out the appeals, it would be much different scenario.
  13. TSSAA is not the institution that chose not to go through the appeals process they agreed to as a member institution.
  14. The problem I have is that they didnt even go through the appeals process they AGREED to go through as a member institution. What are they afraid of? Had they gone to the appeals hearing today and not gotten what they wanted, then file with the court. They literally thumbed their nose at the TSSAA
  15. Then tear up the by-laws they agree to as a member institution.
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