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  1. Why are people trying to compare Dyer Co to Lake Co? That's ignorant at best. Just stop.
  2. I think so, esp in this region. Beyond Lewis County, there is not much difference between Lhs, shs, fhs, and ehs. Throw them all in a bag and shake it up.
  3. I think you are wrong in region 5-2A. I have it this way 1. Lewis Co 2. Loretto 3. Forrest 4. Summertown 5. Eagleville 6. Community
  4. I actually probably would. I go for the 2 big ones-the gold ball and the spirit (sportsmanship) award. Anything less than those 2 seems hollow to me. Just my eyes though.
  5. They were legit charges. Benefit of tv replay here. Just dont. They were absolutely the right call.
  6. Congratulations Gibson County. Enjoy that gold ball. Soon it will be coming to Summertown!!!
  7. Teams that press don't like to be pressed. Fully expect Loretto to go full court here.
  8. Gibson Co is giving Loretto every chance in the world to win this thing and they aren't capitalizing. Gonna bite them in the butt in the end.
  9. If I am the Marshall Co coach and you told me my team would hold Martin Westview to 46 in the state semis, I would feel pretty good about my chances at playing for a gold ball. No shame in the Lady Tigers effort. Good luck in the finals, MW
  10. 25-28 5-8 Yes, it was badly officiated. When the guard has the ball and gets slapped and the ball stolen, there should be a foul called. There wasnt. Gotta call it both ways.
  11. Defending Division 1 State Marching champs. They are good.
  12. Greenfield by 20. Chloe Moore and the Darby sisters are way too much for Loretto.
  13. 25-28 free throws 5-8 free throws Nothing else for me to say
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