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  1. My understanding is that Community is getting some players back that had left them with only 21 vs Lewis County. Word was they had some success with the passing game and had gotten several guys back. I think most expected Eagleville to contend for a mid pack finish and they have surely disappointed thus far. Could be the most interesting game of the night. Im going out on a limb and say Community in an upset.
  2. My gut is Loretto. This is likely for the #3 seed. Two teams battling for a top 4 finish in the region. Cant wait to follow this one.
  3. Interesting night for R5AA....Summertown takes one on the chin at DCA, Community, I say COMMUNITY, won a game, Eagleville gets the offense untracked while the defense pitches a shutout, Lewis County does it workman style, and Moore County takes down Forrest. Hey, Salem, that woeful Cascade just pitched Huntland a HUGE loss.
  4. I may be dead wrong but I do not look for Moore Co and Forrest to be close. My gut is telling me Moore Co wins by 2-3 scores. That offense is playing at an elite level. Forrest has struggled to score this year. The score against EV was very misleading. it was 10-7 with under 4 to play. Defense got a safety on a 20 yard loss from a guy running the wrong way and then offense put it in from a short yardage situation. I dont see anyway they keep up with MC on the scoreboard.
  5. Im not buying better than Loretto or as good as Lawrence. If you stack the box and stop the run, Forrest isnt going to beat anyone with the pass. Lawrence will beat them worse than they beat Loretto. Book it.
  6. Im not so sure. I think they can score on Forrest while Im not so sure Forrest can score on them. Forrest really struggles offensively. If you stack the box on them and shoot the gaps, they have no threat passing from what I have listened to. I think Loretto is actually the better team at this point.
  7. Throw this one out. Eagleville is now 0-3 with a very bad loss to Cornersville, a very ugly game with Forrest and getting blitzed by Huntland in the 2nd half. 1. Lewis 2. Summertown 3. Loretto 4. Forrest I have Loretto 3rd because they can score some points. And did it against a 4A school. They are vstly improved and might jsut be the most improved team in the entire region. To beat Forrest, play the run all night. Stack the box and shut it down.
  8. I listened to part of the second half. What I did catch just sounded like sloppy football to me. I mean, if you take the 20 yard safety off of the Eagleville rushing totals, that number does look a little better. If either team wants to challenge Summertown or Lewis, they goign to have to get alot better. I think Loretto might even be better at this point. Good win for Forrest, though. Get a leg up on that top 4 finish for a playoff spot
  9. Lweis Co 2-0 Summertown 2-0 Loretto 1-1 Forrest 1-1 Eagleville 0-1 Community 0-2 Havent seen the stats from Lewis County, but I would suspect they went old fashioned run it down the throat in the big win over Cheatham Co to go 2-0. Summertown was a little sloppy with 3 turnovers, but got the job done to go 2-0 with the 26-6 win. Loretto gets listed 3rd due to points scored. They blew up for 38 tonight.....but gave up 54. In all fairness, they did play 4A Lawrence County so putting up 38 on them is an eye opener. Forrest blows a 14-10 halftime lead and drops to 1-1 in loss to Portland. Havent seen anything on Eagleville yet. Community seems to have packed it in already getting abused by 1A Moore Co.
  10. I dont know--Forrest has been a thorn in our side in football. Maybe this is the year we get that monkey off the back?
  11. Summertown gets to 2-0 with a 26-6 win over Wayne Co. The Eagles had 3 turnovers in the game and a turnover on downs as well. Jayvon Edmiston goes 14 carries for 114 yards with 3 scores-2 rushing and 1 receiving. Colton Schaffer goes for 72 yards passing on a wet track. Seemed rather sloppy to me, but they took care of business.
  12. Opening night has 2 teams losing in the region..that being Community and Eagleville. Loretto shuts out Wayne County 7-0, Summertown shuts out Mt Pleasant in the 2nd half to win 13-12, Lewis County does the same to Riverside in a 8-7 win. Forrest bumps off East Robertson 10-0. Eagleville has an impressive first half offensive showing but Huntland holds them in check in 2nd half to win 36-27. Community-they played. Cornersville dumps the Vikes 36-6. Opening night thoughts---Looks like a ton of defense in this region. The lone bright spot offensively looks to be Eagleville but they really shot themselves in the foot in the 2nd half with the turnover on downs and the fumble on the 3 that was returned for a TD (not sure if it was a 3 yard return or a 97 yard return). Even Loretto got in on the defensive end with the shutout. Wayne County had the ball under a minute left inside the 5 with a 1st down and got stuffed on 4th down from the 2. Great goal line stand there.
  13. My prediction would be Eagleville to win this region followed by Lewis County. Then flip a coin with Forrest and Summertown for 3-4. Loretto has a coaching change and Community is just low on talent but seems to be getting better.
  14. I recall 1995 when the final 4 in I believe 2A was Lewis County, Loretto, David Lipscomb, and another Nashville team (I want to say Goodpasture but that doesnt sound right). There was a ton of talk coming out of Nashville that the southern middle Tennessee schools couldnt play with the city boys. I do not remember who won both games, but I do recall both games being extremely close and those city schools knew that they had been in a fight for sure.
  15. Richland is decent. I think Hdon will win going away but the Lady Raiders are going to scrap all night long.
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