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  1. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    Ouch... Maryville definitely had the game where they wanted it.
  2. IrishBBall

    Rocky Top Border War

    Has he signed to play at the next level?
  3. IrishBBall

    Rocky Top Border War

    Yes! If you have any player suggestions let us know.
  4. IrishBBall

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    Karns matches up with Maryville from a size standpoint.
  5. IrishBBall

    Keon Johnson done?

    An ejection is an automatic 2 game suspension. Be interesting to see what/if an appeal happens.
  6. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    Sounds like Catholic played well tonight.
  7. IrishBBall

    A8 Refs are getting worse every game

    The block may have been the least of the three fouls.
  8. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    Why would you think that?
  9. IrishBBall

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    See you Friday!
  10. IrishBBall

    AAA Miss B-ball Madison Hayes vs Jada Guinn - tonight!

    Great post as usual Willie! Jada has certainly surpassed some of the better players in state history for Oak Ridge!
  11. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    Good point. Not even being petty, but a healthy Pember and you could make a case of the votes getting split amongst Ques, Trent and Pember not to mention BJ or Akeem from Catholic. By the same token, should Parrot vote for Joe when that vote might cost Ques the POY award? A safer bet would be Akeem or BJ for him if he wanted Ques to win. Does petty come into play? Jealousy or trash talking etc. affect a coaches vote? Surely not...
  12. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    Reading comprehension Q... that's why I used OR not AND for Bearden's big 3. Gale is overlooked to a degree but Joe controls that team's destiny.
  13. IrishBBall

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    Catholic certainly has the potential to beat everyone on this list. I don't see anyone beating Bearden out of ET. A healthy Pember puts them in a different league for sure.
  14. IrishBBall

    Maryville is Overrated

    I think if you look objectively Joe certainly is deserving of the POY award. If you take Joe off of the Maryville team, they're in the middle of the pack. You take Ques, Trent or Pember off of the Bearden team and they're probably still winning the district.
  15. IrishBBall

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    Well done Coach E!