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  1. They’re a track school. Hahaha
  2. You’re right. Shane Wells should be a great for for HVA! Fantastic coach with high character. I’ve always thought HVA was a sleeping giant.
  3. I was told he was not a good fit for the school at all.
  4. You sure called that one early.....
  5. Add Grace Christian to the list. They’ve had a revolving door for the past few years. Lots of good coaches leaving in multiple sports.
  6. Catholic hires Travis Mains. Looking forward to seeing the Irish next year.
  7. Add Knoxville Catholic to the list.
  8. Totally unbelievable to me. I’ve known Lesley since her playing days, following her coaching career from Oneida to Farragut and LA and coached AAU with her for years. She bleeds LA blue and poured her heart and soul into that program. She’s a great coach, mentor and person. What a great loss for that program, players, and future Wildcats! If I had a daughter I can’t think of a Coach I would want her to play for more than Lesley. The wins and basketball development would be important but the work ethic, character and life lessons would be invaluable.
  9. Webb Bell Buckle has Keon Johnson a UT signee.....
  10. Howard is a BEAST! How’d your Spartans let him leave?
  11. Didn’t see the hold and certainly didn’t see roughing the passer. I thought the reason for the interception was the QB getting hit as he threw the ball and that was why it was so short.
  12. What happened on the Catholic interception that was nullified? The announcers never said what the penalty was. The flag was very late and I assumed we had done something after the interception.
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