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  1. The odds are 100% I read the whole thread. Booger has always dropped enlightened views. When I asked Meske specifically about counting 8th graders, the response was 8th graders really don’t contribute. My response was Elijah Howard was All-State as an 8th grader and he may have contributed. Easy to determine your enrollment when you know the target number you have to come in below.... just saying.
  2. Nothing like not including the 8th graders in your numbers when some were starting on the varsity. What are the odds Webb and CPA were only a couple under the cutoff they help establish?
  3. add Knoxville to your list. They wanted scores by 6:00 which is tough when the games start at either 7:30 or 8:00.
  4. It’s a shame Oak Ridge, Clinton, Maryville,Fulton, etc. won’t play Catholic. If these teams want to make a run in the state tourney, they’re going to see this type talent. How long as it been since OR has made that long journey to Cedar Bluff?
  5. IrishBBall


    Wonder if they wished they’d waited a day or two?
  6. Can’t imagine Baylor isn’t blowing his phone up considering he said he wouldn’t ind coaching near his family in either Chattanooga or Murfreesboro.
  7. IrishBBall


    Rankin just retired from Alcoa and said he would possibly be interested in coaching again in Chattanooga or Murfreesboro to be near family. Could you make a better football hire from a resume standpoint? One of the national leaders in wins looks pretty solid to me.
  8. Then I guess it’s a shame either of them refuse to play Catholic. CAK could walk to the game.
  9. Two huge milestones for the Irish tonight as Senior BJ Edwards tops 2000 points and Junior Blue Cain hits 1000 in a win over Cookeville.
  10. Just giving Willie a hard time. My statement had the Shamrock Seal of Approval. LOL
  11. Check out our 6’3” manager. Playing volleyball in college but Coach should make her dress out just to have a big body and 5 extra fouls. Not often your manager is the biggest girl in the team picture. LOL
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