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Everything posted by stroker

  1. gp vs. cc game was cancelled
  2. what teams from the east are overrated?
  3. " Of course the time to decide all of this talk is also 90+ days away" what a long and interesting season it will be in those 90+ days.
  4. lol wow. lets see Cosby play Greeneville, Bearden, and so on. Wiggins would score on Cosby all game long! Hancock Unaka and Cloudland doesnt even come close to near the teams that were just mentioned. (oh yeah dont forget about TSD) thats always a tough team! lol yes Cosby does play 5 games against 5 weaker AA teams. 2 games against AAA Mo. East. i wouldnt call them a powerhouse in AAA ball! and about my team at state? who do you think my team is? haha Cosby was probably the biggest flop last year, after losing only 1 game during the regular season(yes 1 game)lol and then getin it laid to them by Humboldt. lol
  5. CC led by as many as 9 in the 1st quarter and by 2 at half, but then collapsed in the 2nd half and lost by 24.
  6. yeah cosby "might" get back to the state but once again they will be embarrassed when they play actual teams. i dont mean to disrespect the teams cosby plays during the regular season, but come on cosby could play much better teams than what they do now. does anybody remember what happened when cosby played humboldt last year? lol
  7. what happened to all that 3 point shooting in the state tourney last year against humboldt?
  8. Great win for humblodt in state but we dont take 2a teams and put them in 1a just so they could win a game in state just come play at the eagles nest and lets see if humboldt comes out with a win
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