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  1. Home court advantage is a major bonus for the lady cats, playing another 25-3 team I'll take any advantage we can get as they're obviously no slouch. The crowd usually makes a great atmosphere in such important games; I've seen a lot of good teams give in to the intensity. LaVergne has a great record for a reason so I'm sure this will be an entertaining game.
  2. I wouldn't want to play in a gym where the home teams have combined for a 16-2 record this year either, with the girls team undefeated at Ralph Benson. Wayne Co girls played excellent basketball, but comments like yours take attention away from their performance. Everyone is on the end of such a result, with the opposing team hitting a heartbreaking shot, but to show up and denounce LCHS' effort completely as luck shows no class on your part. At least the kids you claim have no class are exactly that, kids. Great game, Lady Cats.
  3. ladycat67- thanks for hurrying home to share that with us, get some cheese to go with that.
  4. Hearsay is what you get when you're not accompanied by evidence. So the Shelbyville fans that volunteered to speak about the incident... why would anyone do that, indicting their hometown team as deserving punishment, unless they were compelled to do so? Also, I do not believe TSSAA would make any ruling without sufficient evidence to make that ruling. So, like I said if you bring new info to the table, then be our guest. Something new on this issue would actually be refreshing. I know your case is built on self defense, but the ruling was based on many, many accounts that it was not self defense including a lot of SCHS supporters.
  5. Very few people are outspoken about Andrews acting in self defense, including the Shelbyville testimonies. Why would other hometown fans say he was an instigator and not acting in self defense? I'm sorry but cases are built on evidence, not the hearsay of someone slinging a story varying from the majority of other first hand accounts. Again, why would TSSAA have an agenda to rule against or in favor of either one of these schools?
  6. 'Look I know what I saw'... Are you disputing the Shelbyville fans that were outspoken about the incident in contacting the person(s) involved? BTW it wasn't to defend their hometown team, but indicating their team as the main players in the violence.
  7. Crunchtime- what are you bringing to the table, in a beating-a-dead-horse argument by the way,that hasn't already been said or mentioned or considered by TSSAA? 100 percent certainty, as you have claimed several times, should be accompanied by better information than he said she said.
  8. Jeff- i wanna hear you perfectly describe how the events unfolded tonight exactly, just so we all know how we feel about this.
  9. Hawse40- did you watch the games last night against East Literature or just look at the scoreboard? maybe the performance was worthy of such a scoreline and not simply just the opposition? just a thought
  10. Glad to see something like this come out, finally. Convey could get start for US at World Cup
  11. I agree with listing Ching and Wolff under that heading. However, I think Convey could be a huge player for us during the world cup. Convey must has grown a lot as a player in the past couple seasons. Since his move to Reading in England a couple seasons ago, there is a noticable difference in the determination of his play (running at defenders, early crosses, quick passing...). I actually would prefer to see Convey start on the left wing against the Czechs instead of Beasley...he seems to have become stagnant in his development, though he is still young. If your wondering about Convey actually playing at Reading, he started 45 of 46 games during league play for a team that won the League Championship with a record number of points. Premier league for Convey next season, hope he proves me right....
  12. MarkT


    I have some kelme master cleats and really like them. But it is different to everyone....don't buy online unless your sure about size or you have time to send them back.
  13. I was sitting directly behind the linesman on the sideline during the play, and a center back for Brothers held him onside, possibly even for a full second.
  14. this was a game of efficiency v. elegance. bga played most of the game on the back foot and allowed brothers to swing the ball all over the field, run through the midfield, play drops, but rarely allowed them to make that final pass/shot. bga was content to hit brothers on the counter for most of the game, and it was a strategy(planned or not) that worked. playing on the counter required bga to finish the few good chances they would get, and did finish as 2 goals (both on headers from a deadball) out of maybe 5-6 good chances throughout the whole game. also, a big mention should go out to the keepers for either team. each keeper made 2-3 great saves throughout the game, with the biggest coming from the bga keep with a great diving save from a header 20 secs from the end of extra time. as penalty kicks is always a lottery situation, touch luck for brothers and congrats to a deserving bga team.
  15. i know ive read this statement on other topics several times over, but cak and catholic really are about as even as top teams come. cak controlled most of the tempo for the game because of their early possession advantage. i dont know much about cak and catholic's season/rivalry (having only seen them for the first time today), but it looked like catholic would be just as willing and capable as cak of holding the ball and making them hit on the counter. catholic did pick up the ball more in the second half because of the need for the goal, and even hit the crossbar on a bullet header in the closing minutes. i was really impressed with number 9 for catholic and numbers 1/7 for cak. the player for catholic won plenty of 50-50 balls in midfield, continually harrassed cak's full backs, and hit the post in the second half from a good through ball. the players i mentioned for cak just seemed genuine all-around players. 7 was especially good at running at defenders and constantly putting them on the backfoot. all the players in this game were very good, these just stuck out to me during the game. good meeting you today BigG, hope to get to a few more of these knoxville rivalries next spring.
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