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  1. Haha........ This makes me laugh. 7 on 7 is nothing like the real thing. If you actually think being good in a 7 on 7 game means anything you have never played football because 7 on 7 is its own sport.
  2. Two things. 11.75 wasn't even the fastest time in the state, 11.73 was by the girl from West High. And also no one really cares about girls track, so unless some girl broke a WR there really is no point in posting anything on here about a girl winning 1 race at state.
  3. So Who are the top contenders from the mid state
  4. Chris Vaughn and Ben Davies from BA both ran that as a soph.
  5. sorry but Brentwood Academy track is best in the state.
  6. james vaugh cousin chris vaughn ay brentwood academy is so much faster then him
  7. I don't know what you're talking about because BA won that meet...... Nice try though
  8. I hope you know that BA brought almost none of their A team people to the meet and most of the field events BA was using many people who would not regularly do these field events in big meets, MBA will get stopped by BA as usual, frankly i give MBA very little chance, BA has almost the same team back from last year and MBA couldn't do much about it last year and this year will be much of the same
  9. We all know this will be an outstanding game, but my thoughts are that BA will pull this one out. I think the x-factor that decided the 28-21 victory for McCallie was that McCallie showed up to play in the first half, and BA did not. After the first half of the game, BA pretty much controlled the game. So if BA shows up to play in the first half of the game they will be very hard to stop, this is why I will put my money on BA.
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