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  1. 8/30: West/Powell: 1-0 Bearden/Giles Co: 5-1 Oak Ridge/GCA: 4-0 Great group of teams coming in again. I just hope the weather will allow us to play all the games.
  2. Saturday: Mo West 1 CAK 0 Central Gwinnett 1 Oak Ridge 0 Bearden 5 Webb 1 Central Gwinnett 3 HVA 1 Maryville 3 Arlington 0 Notre Dame 1 Hendersonville 0 Gallatin 1 Central 0 Sunday as of 230 pm Greeneville 2 CAK 0 Oak Ridge 2 Arlington 0
  3. Friday: I only saw a little bit, but I believe these to be accurate: Arlington and HVA 3-3 draw, not enough to make a comment Houston over Maryville 4-2, both teams look good Mo West and Notre Dame were drawn 1-1, but I do not know how that ended Oak Ridge over Gallatin 2-1. Bearden v. Hendersonville. A great match up. Greeneville v, Central Gwinnett. Another great matchup.
  4. I heard Morristown west plays their games at an off campus site. Can anyone tell me where they play their matches. We travel there this year. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. What, no predictions?!?!? I'll go first then..... Quarterfinals: CPA Greenville Page CAK Semifinals: CPA CAK Final: CAK Sorry G
  6. Good to see Alcoa back in the mix. Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks. Glad to see a few old timers are still active on here!
  7. At least it wasn't 4-2. Sorry guys, BigG, will get the joke from years ago. Sounds like a great match to kick off the season and a lot of respect to both programs from not shying away from testing yourselves early. What better way to know how to train and progress going forward. Good luck to both squads moving forward. G, let me know if your girls play in the area. I would love to check them out and catch up.
  8. Thanks for the kind words Coach. And G has it right. Best part about all those battles was that we have a lot of friendships start and continue to grow from them. Though I'd have liked to at least had the last one in '09. You can't fit all your rings on the same hand!!!!!!
  9. For the record, BigG is old enough to be my dad. So it is really just one old Salt. I'm a young phenom =)
  10. But than you would still pick on all of the Open Zoned Schools.
  11. Quarterfinals: CCS CPA ND CAK Semifinals: CPA CAK Finals: CAK Total Goals: 23
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