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  1. Is Riverdale expected to be on top of the district?Everyone says they are awesome and will go far this season.
  2. Le'Von Tate of Cookeville High.He already starts on Varsity as a Freshman.He's got some skill!
  3. Anyone got any ideas on how that district will pan out?
  4. What about White Co. I hear they got some pretty good freshmen.
  5. White should be able to beat them easy.
  6. how is their team this year?
  7. how is their shootin?their defense?selfish players or unselfish?
  8. how is their shootin?their defense?
  9. this White Co. team has reall come together..they didn't do so hott last year but they r coming along great and really improved and really have a chance..i think they will go for 2 in a row
  10. what do yall think about White Co. high school girls team and their chances in post season?
  11. know anything about their girls middle school team?
  12. anybody know how White County softball is this year?all i know is they got a new coach
  13. who will win girls 5A?White,Libscom,or Meigs?
  14. Does anybody think White Co. middle has a good chance at TNT State?who do yall think will be champs?
  15. i'd say its good..i've seen them play..people got to worry about their defense
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