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  1. * Deleted * Moving on, nothing to see here...
  2. Was not at the game as my daughter's season was ended with DCA but I did here about it and see it on the video stream. That was totally classless and uncalled for. From what I've heard from a little bird this is the reason he is no longer a coach at Union... Wow, to win state and rub it in the faces of the opposing parents? What kind of example is he setting for those kids and that school? Just a shout out to all the girls who played in those games for USJ, DA, and DCA. YOU ARE ALL CHAMPIONS! Those were some of the closest and hardest fought games I've ever seen. The pitchers kept it close, the players played with heart, bad calls only made them play with more passion. It was a few errors and close calls that decided every game. Don't let an idiot ruin the standard you set on the field.
  3. DCA falls 4-3 to DA in 8 innings in what can only be described as a "showdown". It was a classic battle and one that will be long remembered by this dad. Good luck to DA and USJ. It should be a good one.
  4. It's all in fun and from what I saw from all the teams, Tipton included, is that we are all graduating a large generation of good softball seniors. That being said, I want to congratulate the girls no matter the outcome on an excellent and very competitive tournament. Middle and West need to meet more in early tournament action to build some good rivalries. I'll be gone but I think it would be good for DII schools. We simply get no love...
  5. Dunno, choaking on some crow... Not associated with DA and stuck at work so couldn't see the game but wow. Gratz on the win, knowing DA and seeing the DCA game I thought for sure DA's line-up would be able to handle the game. Never know till you play it... Should be a hard fought Championship.
  6. Was more like a decision than a win. I hate umpires deciding wins but in close games one side always feels slighted. DCA was playing with nerves in their first ever appearance, but still kept it close squandering a couple real oportunities to win. DCA continued on to knock off the defending state champs 11-3 and will likely be looking forward to the rematch. DA is playing with passion right now and have all the pieces. USJ will be hard pressed to beat them. But then, that is why we play the game...
  7. Davidson Academy 12 over defending champions Tipton-Rosemark 0. Big turn of events from last year and I'm not sure either squad lost many players.
  8. Any scores? Those of us stuck at work want to know. All classes.
  9. If you really want media coverage you have to invite them. Your local people should jump on the chance but for the most part they just don't know about it. Heck we didn't know what the brackets were for Tuesday until Saturday. Local media love good stories like this so just shoot them an email with dates, locations and times.
  10. That's a baited question thats hugely situational. Here's the skinny, there are only two reasons why there would be unsigned ball players out there. 1) They couldn't afford the private school they were offered and 2) they choose not to play ball after high school. If someone really wants to play there are schools out there that will give you a little something. The real question is, how much are you willing to pay to play? In DII I know of two good pitchers unsigned, in DI I know another all because of the reasons mentioned above. Coaches all talk, they know the talent out there and I'm sure the players would rather not be flamed here...
  11. This is getting good... 1) Coaches don't vote for their own players. 2) DI schools receive NO financial aide. GP is D1 so their students receive no financial aide. 3) DII athletes can receive financial aide dependent upon their FASFA application and I beleive if they receive over a certain amount (50%) they cannot particiapate in varsity athletics. Here is an excerpt from the TSSAA constitution: "Section 3. For tournament competition there shall be two categories. Division I shall be schools whose student athletes competing at the varsity level do not receive need–based financial aid. Division II shall be those schools whose student-athletes competing at the varsity level may be the recipients of need-based financial aid." Now that the facts are on the table maybee this thread will wither a bit. The truth is Goodpasture is a DI AA school that offers a quality education and has a strong reputation built on athletic excellence. This attracts players, they don't have to recruit. The same can be said of Beech, parents simply pay the out of county taxes and their kid can play for a school that has a strong reputation in softball. It's absurd to say or even imply that GP pays it's players for a non-revenue sport nonetheless. I'm laughing at the thought as I know several of the GP parents through travel ball, most of which are bleeding, making heavy financial scarifices to keep their kid in a moral, ethical, christ centered program with an outstanding reputation. Look parents who put alot of time and effort into this sport move, pay, do whatever it takes to make it happen so their child's in a quality program. That's the bottom line. It does not matter if it's a private or public program. Cripes you have parents up-rooting to go to Beech and Riverdale all the time. Posts like these are made out of inexperience and anger. Let it go, look in the mirror and assign the resposiblity where it belongs. It takes alot of hard work, a dedicated team of parents, coaches and administrators to make quality happen. Having a quality pitcher is only one piece of a 9 plus piece set.
  12. Wow, just wow. Listen folks, coaches can't vote for their own players... That's point number 1. Point number 2, who would be so shallow as to bash teenage players based on one games performance against a historical powerhouse like GP. Let it go man, you know not what you say... It's posts like these that give parents a bad rap. There has always been and will always be someone who feels disenfranchised at awards ceremonies. Some would prefer not to even receive the award simply because of sqwak like this...
  13. Don't listen to him Porkchopchic, he's been provoking parents for a good while now. He has a thing against Dad's or he would have noticed your forum name is of the female persuasion. Dad's and Mom's are involved in every sport to the degree that their child will benefit from them. Other than that there's no real reason to be there unless your an alumni, relative, umpire, coach, involved with the facility or just a pervert. So my question to Mr. Noitall is which are you? My princess will graduate this year and I'll likely retire from the forums until the second generation comes along. I will say I've enjoyed the sport thoroughly both in coaching, parenting and living the dream. It was fun to watch all the kids grow and compete. If I can offer any advice to all those comming after it would be this. Strive to give your child the best opportunities that are out there but "enjoy" it. There is far too much angst and gossip over the trivial nonsense. You are going to spend an untold amount of money chasing a very minimal return in scholarship money for softball. Put everything in proper perspective and enjoy your kid, it'll all be over before you know it.
  14. Those are insane numbers and taking nothing away from those amazing accomplishments I have to ask a question. How many games should a team play in a season? You can only get those kind of numbers playing and inordinate amount of games... Far too many.
  15. They'll be in the mix along with Beech, MJ, Lincoln County, Soddy, etc. I like Davidson's chances this year in their bracket because they have all the pieces plus pitching to spare. A fresh pitcher is a strong recipe for success. And no my daughter does not attend DA.
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