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  1. just read the johnson city press today. both are gone to school in arden n.c. big blow for the hill. but good move by both to get exposure and 1 extra year of high school ball by allen!!! good luck to both
  2. king i would like for cross to have not got hurt and i would bet the farm you guys would have lost. clouldland is a good team but with cross i don't see you guys winning that game. this is omething we will never know. jmo
  3. this is true about jordan i talked to his dad today. he is planning on surgury soon. this is bad to happen on his senior year. i know he was looking forward to holding almost every record they have and enjoying his senior year. my prayers go out to him and his family. i will be looking forward to him playing somewhere in college next year.
  4. i watched the game between th and hampton last night. also cloudland and crocket. both teams are good, but i will agree it will be hard for cloudland to beat them. both are scrappers and play agressive. what about university high? the have evans.
  5. your right IF unc don't get him and gets someone else that is 2 games they could have won!!!!lol maybe a rematch somewhere down the road!! good luck the rest of the season
  6. you must not know much about cross, from the paper he is about to hold almost every record at east, so to have a off game i don't think it would happen. he had 6 points before going down in the 1st. he also had 35 on crocket earlier in the day.
  7. fulton is good but cater was lucky. 23 attemps to 5 at the line in the east game. if it was callled east by 10. but good luck to both
  8. carter is tough but so is east this year. several different scores for east. carter has 2 bennett and wilson. better be ready for up and down the floor. heard alot about carter be great to see these 2 play. east by 5!!!
  9. if i am correct they also had the experience on winning the conference,district. but it didn't happen this year. it was also east first trip to either. so why would the region be any different? i think east by 10. it will be closer than the last 23pt game
  10. looks like it could happen any thoughts? each has 1 more game before it happens. what are your thoughts on tuesday nights games for both? claiborne is a good team and happy valley is playing great!!
  11. not sure but your wrong they will play in a sub state game!!!! one lose and your gone so you never know what may happen!!!!
  12. this is 2 good teams from district 1. i think both could play again. any thoughts about their games or predictions about each? i think both win 1st game.
  13. i would say north will be very good in the next 2 years but take their lumps now!!
  14. you are either hurt by someone else taking 1st or you weren't aroundthe first time they won a championship. because if it had been almost 4o years since you had i bet the nets were cut and the town may have shutdown. these 2 teams are both good and i expect them to go a long way and will meet more tiimes in the near future. but this time congrats to east.
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