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  1. Mt Juliet is down from years past. The defense is still strong. WC has started off hot. But the schedule has not been very tough. I think Mt Juliet defense shuts down WC and the goldenbears get the W.
  2. I'll give it to goldenbears; he has been pretty fairly laid back so far this year. And his assessments have been pretty accurate. Is this an imposter. Goldenbears account might have been hacked!
  3. After Friday I think it's pretty clear it's PC then EN and then a sizeable drop to whomever you pick third. I think as a whole metro is down this year. Good to see HL get a win and to me it was a bit of an upset.
  4. I'll go with your picks bleacher for the most part. I would love Overton up a spot or two. Lost to WC with no time left trying to get the win.
  5. Congrats PC. Great win.
  6. I'll go with PC, Hillsboro, EN, Stratford, CR as top 5 after week 1. PC very impressive. Hillsboro handed it to MW. EN had as good of a showing as they probably could have and just might have the best collection of athletes in metro. Stratford had a solid opening win. CR would beat all of the rest.
  7. Where is Goldenbears with his assessment. Do we need to put out a search crew.
  8. Good for EN. Great way to start the season. No need to get the eyes checked. I was wrong. Been wrong before and will be again. Hate to see this for the bulldogs. Had to be a tough day. Hopefully they find a way to push through and find success.
  9. Just curious if it is possible that he did not have stats like some of his previous teammates because opposing coaches game planned for him to be double teamed or put in position to take him out of the game. I havent seen the films to know.
  10. Bleacher I agree with the top 2. I think 3-7 could go any number of ways. I agree with 8-13.
  11. ENasty you may be right about having a special team this year. Hope you are. I still think the defense of Smyrna will win over the athletes of EN.
  12. Metro began slipping when they got away from neighborhood schools. It's been mentioned repeatedly. They also began cliff diving when they started ignoring teachers and trained educators and instead listened more to those that do not have educational backgrounds. They also put people in high ranking positions thst were not qualified for those positions. A lot of former metro students have moved to surrounding counties to raise their own kids. Look at the growth of Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, and Sumner counties. Those systems are now what metro was at one time.
  13. If only it was that easy. Don't know much about Smyrnas offense but I can't see the defense giving up 35. I think Smyrna wins a close one.
  14. Spoon is correct about Overton. They took the necessary steps to have the probation waved once they appealed.
  15. Goldenbears when I spoke of the daily grind of metro it was actually a compliment of metro coaches. It takes a very dedicated, passionate, patient, special type of person to coach in metro. It is not for everyone. If you have not walked in those shoes for any given amount of time you couldn't and wouldn't understand.
  16. With all due respect to both Perrys, one being a hof level coach and the younger having a lot of success, I don't think either would be at PC long enough to have any kind of success. The daily grind of metro would wear them out. There is so much more than just football that goes into being a metro coach.
  17. I haven't seen the schedule yet. Usually it's out by now.
  18. Hate it was cancelled. Who do y'all have in jamboree.
  19. Mt Juliet has a very good team. At this point they should be able to handle the majority of 5A teams. Sounds like the burros better shape up fast if it was that one sided though.
  20. As should be the case.....HHS is a top 10 or so 5A school and Mt Juliet is a top 10 6A school. Not a surprise there. Good for Mt Juliet and I guess the burros have areas to improve on. How are PC and CR looking?
  21. In the last five years CR, PC, and Hillsboro have very similar records against other metro schools. I believe all three have three losses each and I also believe all three have been to at least a semifinal game. I think during this time PC and Hillsboro split a series and I'm not sure if CR and Hillsboro played. I know PC and CR did not. All three are very competitive in their respective regions. As a fan of the metro teams having these three schools at the top of their games only makes football season that much better. Glad CR and PC are finally playing each other. Should be a heck of a game and atmosphere.
  22. The Stratford hype is based off of how they finished last season. Now maybe they just got hot at the right time. Maybe it took awhile for the team to come together. Maybe they were playing for the coach's job. Who knows but they found a way to win at the right time. All the hype right now is just that, hype. It doesnt mean a thing once the season gets started in week one. Their schedule is not nearly as tough as PC or EN. I could see them going anywhere from 10-0 to 5-5. CR and PC have a knack for reloading so they deserve to be at the top of metro. EN probably has the most talent of any metro team but can they beat PC? Hasn't happened in a while and only once in the last decade. MW probably will take a step back but still be pretty good. Hillsboro should be a top ten team in 5A. Most are picking them in the 5-10 range. And the rest will probably be about how they have been in recent past. Several schools have new coaches so it's lind of hard to tell.
  23. Firebird I typically agree with you but Stratford did knock y'all off when it counted most last year. At the end of the season and on that night they were the better team. Now what does it mean for now? Its up to those two teams. PC could show up week 3 and blow them out. Or Stratford could show up with confidence and make it 2-0 in the last two meetings. Time will tell.
  24. I think Stratford carries momentum into the year. Add on they have arguably the best back in metro and return most of last year's team and I think picking them 2nd is justified. They have a good coach and the kids responded well to him. That carries a lot of weight. Look at the top metro schools. All have good coaches that kids respond to. CR, PC, Hillsboro. Don't think it's delusional at all.
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