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  1. District 10 First Round Clarksville 8 Northwest 1 Rossview 3 West Creek 0 Henry County defeated Kenwood (score not reported) Dickson 2 Northeast 1 Semifinal Scores Rossview 2 Henry County 0 Clarksville 4 Dickson 2 (OT)
  2. Smyrna 2 - Rossview 2 Tied on Tuesday Night
  3. Who looks good in both Districts?
  4. This is very true. We need the TN Coach's Association to step in and address this issue or soon your whole season will begin to be district games only.
  5. Tullahoma always plays tough. Good job.
  6. Springfield is in Dsitrict 10 too so they will have a 9 team district as well.
  7. Yeah get rid of that Rossview Clown!
  8. We can wish for the best and pray for the best for all athletes that this has happened to because it just stinks. Good luck to a quick recovery and come back stronger than ever to everyone.
  9. Always a decent program. This team shouldn't be overlooked and will surprise some people.
  10. I think a central site should happen.
  11. Club is recognition for college. Yes, I think high school provides a lot for our athletes but their club play is observed more so by college recruiters than high school ball.
  12. Rankings look good, as always, well done.
  13. It doesn't look as if Station Camp is reporting results on Eurosportscoreboard. They don't have all their games posted.
  14. Henry County is 9 - 1 right now, will they be able to step up and play their regional opponents: Beech, Hendersonville, Smyrna, etc., if they get to the region in post season play, which is looking well for their team.
  15. Is Henry County still undefeated and who have they played so far this season?
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