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  1. uctfan

    Tennis Anyone

    The 2021 High School Tennis season is here. After our kids being shortchanged last season ( 2020 ) due to Covid, we finally get back to matches March 15, 2021.
  2. Union City will slow the game down or try to do so. Madison has a good press. Union City will have the best coaches in the game that night. They won't get out coached for sure. Great coaching can overcome athletes on many nights. Madison is deep. As long as U C can slown the game down and keep it in the 50's and lower 60's, I like U C chances. U C has to have balance scoring and stay out of major foul trouble. If the above plays out, Madison will suffer lose #3 of the year and head to Memphis. But, no matter what, we have a chance, the losers in both games tonight do not so I like where we are.
  3. If Union City plays their game, they will give Gibson County all they want. Gibson Co. will have the home court advantage for sure. Hopefully it's a physical game and the refs let's them play. Should be a good game.
  4. This post hit the nail on the head. Greenfield fans are the sorriest and most jealous fans in West Tennessee. I sat right behind many of them. They were scared in their seats last night when the THE U C Lady Tornados were throwing a curve ball in their little district party. I might add, Union City Student body shows up to support their fellow friends and students athletes in competition no matter. All tournament long, the Union City student body is there for both boys and girls teams. It says a lot when Dresden and Gleason student body comes over and joins the Union City kids cheering section when they realized Union City was not going to just hand the district title over the Greenfield. It was obvious looking from the opposite side of the gym over at the U C Student section. What does that say for Greenfield, their students and fans? AND, about coach Sisco, if you can't beat him, watch him. I'm sorry for Greenfield folks only have their girls basketball team to root for during sports when most of the other schools have multiple sports that are competitive and respected of their winning traditions both on and off the playing fields. As for the game itself, another couple calls late in the 3rd and during the 4th quarter that held back Union City, protected the two Greenfield miss basketball girls and their undefeated season, we would have been talking about a win. Greenfield is beatable, that was proven Saturday night. Union City just didn't win all 4 quarters. Greenfield will be contested in more games to come. They will get tougher with more is at stake and on the line. They for sure are not above being beat. That day is in the near future.
  5. No matter what, the Union City program will miss Coach Darren Bowling. He has etched his name in stone in the Union City Football Program history books. Do not doubt his style. It takes a long time to figure out. No matter what class or what team. He shows the proof in his stats that running the ball wins football games and CHAMPIONSHIPS. The main ingredient to his system...the QB and offensive line. Its keep away football, stop us if you can. Yes. He will do well and win with his style. Will leave you with these stats to ponder on. Bowling led the Golden Tornadoes to four state championships, 116 wins and a .753 winning percentage in 12 seasons during his UCHS tenure. Seven times, the Purple and Gold made it to at least the quarterfinals that included 1A state titles in 2009, 2013 and 2014, and a 2A championship in 2017. His teams won 11 or more games in half a dozen campaigns. He also did this 1/3rd of the time with back ups in at the main ingredient positions, QB, Fullback. Under Bowling, Union City also had the longest football win streak ever in program history with a 38 game streak from 2013 - 2015 season.
  6. Union City will have to do 3 things to win this ball game. 1. No turnovers. 2. Can't play catch up. 3. Eat clock with ground and pound offense with a pass mixed in here and there. Do these 3 and you will be headed to Trenton Round 3.
  7. Yes, If Trenton Wins and Union City wins, both Union City and Trenton will host first rounds as they will finish 1st and 2nd place. Those who finish 3rd and 4th place will travel to somewhere in Memphis. Then if all 4 teams from our region wins, Trenton and Union City will both host once again since they are or could be the top seeds in our region. I believe this correct.
  8. O C has a good team and plays in a very tough region. I'm not surprised at all at this score. Great game O C.
  9. Union City, is Union City. It's patients football. You have to have patients. Union City had 2 bad games ( Gibson County and South Side ) and the Gibson County game WAS A FLUKE ! We fumbled 12 times in that game losing 7 and fumbles a lot in South Side game and looks like that may be corrected. If Union City holds on to the football in both games, would have been a winner in both. Gibson may have beat Union City score wise bad but the most important thing, Union City is playoff bound and should finish 2nd while Gibson stays more than likely stays at home listening on the radio. No way Gibson beats Trenton, no way Halls beats Union City. Now, Union City has the possibility if hosting the first 2 rounds of the playoffs when they could have folded. It's kind of looking like a possibility of a Union City vs. Trenton rematch in playoff week 3. We've possibly lost our kicker for a few weeks or even season to a bad play by McKenzie roughing our punter/kicker freshman player. We have a week off and then Halls so you give Bowlin time, he finds and corrects, a teacher of the game. GO TORNADOS !
  10. Union City learned a lot the Adamsville game. They don't - won't quit. The ground and pound offense still wins games. Should be a good game but in the end, out conditioned and true grit, Union City.
  11. You get them down and get Jones in foul trouble, they can be in trouble. The Abernathy kid is a player. Humboldt looses lots of experience after this year.
  12. Congrats to Trenton kid. Humboldt kid to much of a showboat.
  13. Humboldt D is pretty good and quick. Jones is a hotdog mr. Baskeball finalist. He wants everyone to know he is on the court. He is slightly above average player. Will.maybe at best play on naia division if grades are passable. Abernathy is the key....don't think Humboldt can make it out of a Memphis team. If you get three refs that will call touchy game, bolt will loose by 15. They have a very tough road to the glass house. Just wish some teams would win showing a little more respect. We gave the vikes all they wanted and shankin' in their shoes.
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