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  1. Hume Fogg up 3-0 at half is what my sources say
  2. 2-2 at half is last i heard
  3. haha are you serious really if i recount all the shots you guys had you wind up with about 6 all together... yeah and all those throwins which was about 40 were chances... and the penalty you must be kidding. Do you honestly think he could have slid 6 yard in the box on his face on a dry hard pitch like that? no way. Obvious penalty. As for the tackle. Your 30 yards from goal it could have been a foul, but he got all ball as well, but 30 yards from goal is hard to produce anything
  4. our keeper got chipped on the 1st goal and then the other 2 he could do nothing about, but we lost because we didnt attack the ball in the air or because we missed all our shots... we dominated them though... no doubts about that
  5. westview won a 5 goal thriller against madison tonight... westview honestly had about 3 or 4 shots in the whole game and scored 3, while madison had about 25-30 chances and could not take advantage... final score: Westview 3-2 Madison being a madison player it is my opinion the better team did not win today(as jose mourinho always says)
  6. Ripley preferably haha... in honest opinion i dont know until i see the game... as of right now i want another shot at northside, but i need to look at the weakness of either side to see who i would preferably play, but either way its not like i get to pick... we just have to see what happens
  7. It all depends on where this game is being played... IF it is at westview then i think westview could take it, but at northside is tough because they play on a football field and it takes a while to get used to shortness and width of the field(tiny in width, and relatively long)... The key to winning against northside is pressuring quick all over and attacking their outside defenders. They only play 3 at the back so if you attack their backs and pressure their forwards and midfielders like crazy you can win
  8. USJ will win 2-0 or 2-1
  9. USJ is a decent team, they just played awful tonight.. obviously i dont play for USJ, and i was just out there to see who won... northside was just clicking up front tonight it was as simple as that and from the start it threw usj for a spin... usj will still make it to state though...
  10. Haywood won 4-2... Madison beat sheffield 2-1 Madison vs Haywood in the regional finals
  11. Haywood pounded Mcnairy last time and i think it will be the same way... my guess is 5-1 or 5-2
  12. Northside won after like 10 penalties or so... i dont know how many exactly... Doug Senna at the center of controversy again, He called a hand ball on Northside in extra time, i personally saw nothing, but apparently he did... Then he added like 3 or 4 minutes of extra time while they were already in extra time and Northside scored to send it to penalties. Final score was 2-2 and Northside won it in PK's
  13. there is no possible way USJ could have been tired... they played the worst team in the state that morning and played their JV team and won 9-0... so they couldnt have been that tired, and they cared because you could see the frustration on their faces...
  14. Madison 1-0 over sheffield... completely awful game, just looked like neither team wanted to be there.. madison didnt need to be playing with only 12 players... they need some time to get some people back...
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