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  1. BankofDad


    MBA 10 - Brentwood 9 MUS 7 - McCallie 4 If anyone has details and would like to share, it would be appreciated. Sounds like two good games.
  2. BankofDad


    Does anyone have a score from tonight's Brentwood/MBA game? Thanks
  3. Looking forward to what could be the best game of the year for these two teams. I hope thay both bring their "A Games". Good luck to both!
  4. Just figured it was "Mac"Callie
  5. I love when Tennessee teams travel, gives more exposure to everyone. Two years ago Ravenwood traveled to Baltimore, MBA has gone to Dallas, CBHS has gone to St. Louis, more club teams should try to make trips. With Southwest air tickets and a little planning it can work for most teams. Go Big Red! (you won't hear that a lot from me)
  6. Auburn 8 - Tennssee 7 War Eagle!
  7. BankofDad

    2009 Season

    I can't wait to see some good Lacrosse Games!
  8. Brentwood Bruin All Region Players Victor Barnes Jeremy Coffey Robby Dupuis Reggie Farmer Alex Guth A.J. Krow Cameron Mason Cole Tischer and of course Coach of the Year - Ron Crawford If my list is inaccurate I apoligize, it is what I have been told Like so many fans of their schools, there are other players I am surprise did not get this honor, but I am sure the coaches do their best. I know there were many more Bruin players that I will remember having great games and who made huge plays that led to the teams success. I do not believe I have ever seen more of a "team" be responsible for success(and I am pretty old). Just seemed like every game it was someone different making plays to win. To all the 2008 Bruin Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders, Band and parents thanks for a great year of memories. Also, I do not know of any group better than the Brentwood Choir in singing the National Anthem, I wish the Titans would get them to perform sometime. Definitely All-State!!
  9. Have they named the teams yet? When is the awards dinner?
  10. Antioch score with under minute in the half
  11. Brentwood does not need to be caught napping like BA, Raptors have had an off week to prepare. I like the Bruin defense but think this one will be close; Bruins 17 - 14.
  12. 1St Annual Ravenwood Men??™s Lacrosse Team Alumni Game Who: All graduated lax players* When: Saturday, June 21st @ 12:00 noon Where: Sunset Elementary Field *Class of 2008 graduated players included.
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