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  1. So I can get sent from the middle of middle TN to the farthest reaches of west TN to call a playoff game for whatever it is they get paid? And a small gas stipend tossed in? Hard "NO," And then they wonder why there is a shortage of officials to where they will have to start playing more game on Thursday nights. Pay better and stop sending Nashville area refs to almost Arkansas. Common sense, really. Just as refs need to stop coming off as complete homers in big games. Or any games.
  2. They didn't need any help from the refs but they sure got it anyway. " FIRST AND TEN.... BLUE DEVILS!! " On TV... for the whole world to see and hear... the T$$AA must be very proud. *** I am not a fan of either school, just concerned about high school "officiating" these days.
  3. Speaking of waterboys and cheerleaders, who was that white hat ref in the Riverdale-Lebanon game? The one who actually called Lebanon "THE BLUE DEVILS!!" instead of offense or defense or at most "Lebanon" - ??
  4. I started bashing Uncle Rico when he started butting in on Rutherford County threads that had nothing to do with his precious little MJ. Seems like Stew Creek vs Blackman was the one that tore it. What's the deal? MJ people can dish it out but they can't take it?
  5. That must be a misprint. Uncle Rico hasn't been on here to discus this interesting development. He must still be "pondering."
  6. Where is Uncle Rico to give us his take? Was the internet disconnected from his mom's basement or something?
  7. I guess now we won't have to listen to him say Rutherford County football is overrated because it took Stewie two overtimes to pull out the win at Wilson Central tonight. But I did run into his picture...
  8. A metro public school with a 2-6 record? Asking for a "friend" who used to post here.
  9. I'm not sure which side of I-24 most of the kids being poached at the Waldren Rd. exit bus live on. One side is zoned to LHS and the other Stew Creek which is always a few guys away from being a power team. Now that SCHS is back in the region with Oakland, Riverdale, etc instead of Antioch, McGavock, etc - they need every athlete they can get in that zone and not get poached from.
  10. Are you guys familiar with the small high school in east TN that lost TWO coaches to covid who were brothers? https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/coalfield-community-mourns-2nd-football-coach-after-losing-battle-to-covid-19/ People, please don't assume you can stay in bed a few days taking tylenol and drinking juice to beat this bug. As a person who is twice vaccinated, I can assure you the shots are MUCH more safe than catching it. Do the right thing.
  11. Take LaVergne for example. If their student-athletes didn't get poached, they would at least be able to beat Metro teams. People in Antioch say that Brentwood Academy has been taking their best players forever. And then there is the bus from the other school that stops at the Waldren Road exit off 24 every day. They are not even trying to hide what is going on.
  12. This was around the time a middle school teacher in Smyrna met the same fate. https://www.wkrn.com/news/rutherford-county-schools-mourns-the-loss-of-2-teachers-to-covid-19/
  13. If they would make a rule to stop (name of private school here) from sending a bus everyday to Rutherford County to poach some of the best athletes, some of the schools in Rutherford besides Oakland would be incredible as well. And Central Magnet needs to add football so the kids interested in high academics can get both in one place.
  14. Cousin Dupree called to say dress warm tonight. Here's his theme song, direct from his Aunt Faye's couch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY-zUkWwS50
  15. Featuring special guest high school football expert Cuzzin' Doo-pray So eye hear tale Sea Gull gunna play Stu-eee with post see-sun impluck-ay-shuns at steak. They sed the kecker from Stu-eee can keck the bawl over that there mount-ten over yonder. So the kwestun is this. Can Sea-Gull keep Stu-eee far enuff a-way frum them there up-rats so he won't bee a facktur.
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