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  1. Hillwood lost at home at their homecoming to Hunters Lane. Gallatin by 45. Lots of running clock.
  2. Stewie turned it over twice in the first half to fall behind a good Cane Ridge team by ten... the final margin was ten. LaVergne loses a one point heart-breaker. With Smyrna's resurgence, this suddenly takes on a new meaning as the battle for second place and a home playoff game shapes up. FEAR THE BEAK
  3. Stewie held off Clarksville while CR won vs McGavock in a shutout. Winner may get top seed. Quite a bit at stake.
  4. Does Clarksville High have a home stadium at their campus or do they play at APSU?
  5. I appreciate your vote of confidence and they did get 13 votes in the new 6a AP Statewide poll and that is a first in school history. Even if they do win (by a lot or a little and either would be a win, so there's that)... the toughest game left on the schedule looms next... Cane Ridge. It's a home game and will be a packed house (weather permitting). If Stewie wins at Clarksville and vs CR, the odds of them running the table for a first ever top seed and home playoff increases exponentially.
  6. I don't know much about Clarksville High football this season. How is Stewie's shot at a road win? It's their first road game of the season. Also a chance to match last year's win total while running the antiquated wing-t.
  7. They would be thrilled to get a north county sweep over LHS and SHS.
  8. This is the year Stewie needs to make hay. Smyrna got boat raced on their home field. Antioch predictably got demolished. LaVergne struggled in the first half vs a team that had never played a game before. There is an opportunity for SCHS to get a really good seed and actually host a playoff game... and maybe advance... two things that have not happened before.
  9. Are the fans of the old Bellevue High happy that blue was added in advance to the school colors? Why such a long drawn out holdup to get this new campus finished? Megan Berry was set on getting it done as quick as possible. People need to put the heat on whoever wins the run-off to get this done.
  10. Glad to see HHS got the win. Hope the nice new campus is ready for next fall.
  11. This is the most people a huge school like LaVergne can put in the stands for a season opening game at home? People need to support their local prep sports and other extra-curricular activities. Ten years ago LHS Marching Band would have gotten more friends and family than this to the game.
  12. As long as Stewie doesn't get the big head over this fine win and they avoid the injury bug, this could be a special season as teams left on the schedule thought to be "beasts" before the season suddenly look beatable.
  13. Finally that wing-t crappola is gone. They lost too many close games since that school was built because you can't come back at the end with the wing-t. I like David Martin and all... but it was way part time to ditch the wing-t.
  14. This says Overton and Antioch both got a 2 year ban from playoffs... https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2018/11/01/overton-banned-2018-high-school-playoffs-after-post-game-fight-antioch/1846931002/
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