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  1. Bert Browne. Don't know much about him. Anybody familiar? Do you think he keeps the wing-t or goes more spread or multiple? Do you think he will stop scheduling top5/top10 type teams outside the region?
  2. nrgrizzlies

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    OK Stewie, Rockvale is not even open and they know who the coach is. When you gonna announce the replacement for David Martin? Spring ball will be here before you know it. Anybody heard anything from over there?
  3. nrgrizzlies

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    I'm for anybody who gets them out of wing-t mode who is an excellent coach. The next coach needs to keep the next Casey Perkins and the next Key Bradley at SCHS and not lose them to the school(s) up the street or interstate.
  4. nrgrizzlies

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    They have been missing that one game changer every year. Besides a new coach, they could use an athlete that is a total game changer. But couldn't every team? LOL
  5. nrgrizzlies

    FINAL "TOP 10" 6A Power Rankings

    I'm not a fan of MJ but I would rank them 2nd after the game they gave Oakland. Certainly was not 37-0 or 38-0.
  6. nrgrizzlies

    Head Coaching Vacancies

    Jason Scharsch? No more wing-t?
  7. nrgrizzlies

    CPA v Laussane

    There is a thread started on the 6a forum about field conditions at CPA last night and in general. I have no connections to Louisiana Tech or whatever that school's name is, so, no, this is not sour grapes about the outcome of the game. It's about right and wrong.
  8. I saw on the highlights that the middle of the field wasn't fit for a mud wrestling contest. Why was this game not moved? The new Nolensville High has an artificial turf field. There had to be somewhere with a less disastrous field condition to play this game. It's time for the TSSAA to step up and get involved with late season playoffs field conditions decisions and have contingency plans ready to move a game as needed.
  9. nrgrizzlies

    Mt. Juliet vs Oakland

    Since I took OHS to win and cover, can we have sports book legal on high school games now?
  10. nrgrizzlies

    Mt. Juliet vs Oakland

    Sonny Moore has Oakland -2 with MJ's home advantage. I'll take Oakland to win and cover. Wait... we don't have sportsbook yet in this state.
  11. nrgrizzlies

    Beech @ Hillsboro

    Was it a misprint or did Hillboro's tailback run for almost 400 yards the other night? On 22 carries??
  12. nrgrizzlies

    Where will Hillsboro play its Playoff Home Games??

    I remember the original Bellevue High that looked like the school in the "Hoosiers" movie. It shouldn't have been torn down. It could have been used for something. But I'm sort of torn on a name change from Hillwood to Bellevue. When Pearl and Cohn merged they kept both names. I guess "Hillwood-Bellevue" would be too long to fit on a basketball jersey. Maybe if they change the name they could at least keep the "Hilltoppers" nickname.
  13. nrgrizzlies

    Where will Hillsboro play its Playoff Home Games??

    Source? Link? I've heard nothing about a name change.
  14. nrgrizzlies

    Ravenwood gets bye after Overton fight

    Overton and Antioch better just watch their step or the T$$AA will screw Stewarts Creek some more.
  15. nrgrizzlies

    Ravenwood gets bye after Overton fight

    Stewarts Creek beat both Antioch and Lavergne by large scores plus was actually ahead of Overton by 2 TDs in the 4th quarter. They are next man up if somebody in front of them forfeits that chance to go. Giving Ravenwood a bye instead of promoting Stewie to a playoff spot is a load of BS. The Redhawks won their final game by 44-7. There is no "wouldn't be ready to play." It's a screwjob.