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  1. What about Cahill from MBA? Didn't he play at UVA
  2. Vanderbilt Men's Lacrosse VS. Georgia Tech Saturday at 3 on the corner of Natchez and Blakemore on the turf Live Broadcast by ATWsportscast.com @ http://www.sportsnation360.com/schools/ ... University
  3. Dean, How can I contact you about broadcasting some games?
  4. laxpower.com click high school and you can select Div. 1 and Div.2 for Tennessee mens and womens high school both are on there.
  5. lax4life32

    2010 Lacrosse

    you must not watch McCallie or MUS play much or any of the other top couple of teams play. The shooters these guys have wont even be phased by Franklin's goalies this year and i wish Franklin the best of luck this year but i just dont see it happening. They should make playoffs and beat USN and Houston but they will have a hard time getting Brentwood and MBA i dont know much about CBHS this year but that might be the next closest game they have division 1 wise. I wouldnt be surprised to see a less hearty schedule this year also with it being just conference D1 teams, and ravenwood and maybe MBA and then probably mostly D2 schools. Defense looked pretty solid, i know middie lines were mixed and had spots that were missing but passing and catching and working the ball around will be key this year its going to take more that just 1 or two guys to carry this team.
  6. does the player that was invited get to go?
  7. lax4life32

    2010 Lacrosse

    Ravenwood i could see in the top 5 or maybe final 4 even i have watched them some in the fall and they look solid but franklin has too much to worry about right now before they can get on the same level as the top teams in the state i wasnt as impressed with brentwood as i thought i would have been and i didnt see catterton standing on the sideline last saturday
  8. last time i checked this isnt a pee-wee football forum thanks for deleting my post it had nothing wrong with it....but really 3 shutouts in a row is unexceptable they need to get it together or quit
  9. lax4life32

    2010 Lacrosse

    Franklin has a completely new coaching staff this year, hopefully they return to winning after suffering their first losing season in 4 years
  10. when the new classifications were announced i thought i read something about how they were supposedly created to cut down on travel for some of the teams in east TN and other areas that have to travel far for region games if i read this correctly it seems like the T$$AA needs to rethink this.
  11. Eggleston was gone before the schedule was made and the student and adult athletic passes/reserved seating have all gone up its a shame.
  12. 2009 Schedule Aug 21 BGA Aug 29 @ Christian County, KY (5:00) Sept 4 Centennial Sept 11 @ Ooltewah Sept 18 @ Hillsboro Sept 25 Louisville Fern Creek, Ky (Location & Time TBA) Oct 2 @ Ravenwood Oct 9 Memphis Fairley Oct 16 @ Independence Oct 23 OPEN Oct 30 Brentwood
  13. I never said anything about them bein anything but i said the list you were wondering where the Baylor players are is all DI players
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