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  1. Memphis people always say what great players they have, every year Memphis has 8-10 Div. 1 prospects. Name 8-10 div 1 players that have come from Memphis the last 2 years. Don't include all of western tennessee or parts of Arkansas, just Memphis. Also, Tennessee has their choice of players. They consider things like home life, GRADES, attitude, etc.
  2. I thought Rechelle had commited to Belmont on a academic/athletic scholarship...i think she has a 4.0+ Also, Depew has verbally committed to Carson Newman. So who does that leave that hasnt committed that has the opportunity to go D1?
  3. If public school coaches are mad for losing their players to private schools then they should evaluate their own program. I have never heard of a student transfering because they loved their current program. Most of the time they leave an lessor program for a stronger one! If the public school system would pick up their game then the students would stay where they are! As far as an education their is no doubt private schools are better than public. Look at graduation rates, test scores, seniors going to college...private schools are simply better for a childs educational experience in east tennessee. Basically no school can recruit directly but every school is recruiting indirectly with the success of their program. So if a coach wants to start getting "recruits" then they need to start winning games and make the players better in practice.
  4. I see many different opinions on this post and want to ask a question. If the transfer gets the opportunity to play ball in college because she transfered to a better program is that a bad thing? The education she gets in high school will be the same at any of the private schools so really the transfer is only looking to continue her education in college while playing ball. is this a bad thing? As an adult if you find a better job you change jobs! Why should a teenager not be allowed to better her self?
  5. Does anyone know where and what he is doing? So much talent but to lazy to do anything with it!
  6. Out of all of the girls named I would say Hall has the best chance of signing with a major Div. I school. The others will play in college but Hall has all of the skills needed for Div. I. As far as Middle school players ?????? I've seen several (from Farragut, West Valley, cak, Halls, Webb, Farragut, Powell, etc...) that are pretty solid players but I don't think I've seen a stand-out. You know the player you watch and know she is going to be good.
  7. Hope Dowdy has a speedy recovery and hopefully all is well! Can someone close to the program answer a few questions? 1)Does anyone know anything about the back-up quarterbacks that are know fighting for a starting position? 2)How badly does this hurt Halls in their hunt to make the play-offs?
  8. If your daughter is going to be in the 8th grade she probably will be playing with the 13's which will have open gym on the 30th from 1:30-3:00 at central high school.
  9. I have no problem with more SRT's, in fact I think that's a great idea. This would allow more teams from Tennessee to play at nationals. However, i don't think their should be more teams at the state. If more teams make it to state then the girls would have to play more games. If a team cannot finish in the top 2 in sub-state then how will they be competative at the state level?
  10. If its in the shopper then it must be true!
  11. To answer your question, AAU is not regulated by T$$AA so they can practice everyday of the year if they desire. If their was an AAU football program they to could practice when ever they wanted.
  12. I understand that Tyler will be attending Anderson Co. Does that make them district favorites?
  13. It's always about the money!!! However, if your one of the best teams in the state you will make it to the state tourney reguardless if we have 4 or 6 divisions. In my opinion Tennessee hands out way to many golden balls! Their should be 2 divisions----small and big, but then how would t$$aa make any money?
  14. 1moreopinion it looks like your statement was wrong about him leaving, you know thats how gossip gets started so please don't make statements that are't true. I agree catcall09, Clinton is a tough way to start the season! I also agree that Julian needs a quick start or he could be in trouble. Many parents aren't a big fan of the wing-T and were unhappy with the play calling last year! If the quarterback was looking at transfering who could blame him. Under the wing -T the qb gets no pub and with the whole Julian ordeal i could understand him wanting out.
  15. Very good list and i don't know who you would remove but i think you have to include Taylor Mills from Gibbs. She is having a great AAU season and getting some good coverage on espn hoopgurlz.
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