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  1. Hollingsworth has gotten serious about facilities. Lets see how serious he is about coaches.
  2. I would like to congratulate the falcons on a nice win.
  3. Yes just more of the same.I guess we know why gca cut him loose.
  4. I am not surprised.Good the zebras could not save them like last week.
  5. Yeah i heard the crew was sticking it to farragut last friday.Roll cats and romeo.
  6. Andy. https://www.mycouriernews.com/articles/2018/08/1383/shattuck-still-living-the-athletic-life
  7. I think west wins, unless they get 200 yards in penalties like farragut did.
  8. When are we going to realize that mckamey cant get it done.Shut out by a 2a team is enough.
  9. Another reason why mckamey is full of hot air.Bring back andy.
  10. I picked kingsport to win, but i thought o.r. would at least keep it respectable.
  11. I agree with this.We need Andy back at CHS.
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