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  1. Tyler harris.His daddy tim harris moved him all over.LL got him up at a.c with the cows.Signed with bama during their dark period.
  2. bonkers just admitted his coach isn't a very smart person.Ollie laughed.
  3. From 5star preps.Senior nose guard niyahn flack (5-9 250) transfer from karns has already turned heads early in spring practice according to gaddis (romeo)."I think he's fixing to be the best nose guard we've had in a while.Since spring practice opened he has been very aggressive and very tough." I will agree with bonkers and ss that romeo may not know doo doo from shinola but donna will attest to the part that he is an excellent recruiter.
  4. Romeo's recruiting culture i would say.
  5. O.r. has a culture of recruiting.Lussier recruited cory.Romeo recruited donna.Switchblade stevens guarded the field.Downtown ron brown and cute andy were honest.
  6. Lussier recruited booker to o.r.Our bookers moved of their own free will.
  7. Cory booker and family moved from harriman.Jayven and jamahl booker played for clinton.The booker name is not exclusive to o.r. Even for an o.r. sheep you can do better.
  8. Powell must be using the same tactics as o.r. now.
  9. Thats really brave of romeo trying to schedule the cows this year after they lost a huge senior class.Funny thing is the cows couldnt get the cats to sign up two years ago.
  10. You might be right htv.Rudy stinson,lowe and the coach with the best hair in east tennessee did have some good teams then.
  11. At least my dragon wagon will play the cows.O.r. ran from a.c. the past couple of years and i can see why romeo did.That L to the cows would have stung.Nice to see o.r. finally step into the bigtime with turf like the other two schools in a.c.
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