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  1. WTG Dawgs!!! I see you reppin for your city, county, and the midstate. Take care of business next week and your right back to where you planned to be at the beginning of this season. CB10 is the new school Murphy Fair. He even called the Stratford upsets over PC and Fairview. Note that Stratford ended the season 2-8. Good luck from your favorite Tiger. Paw would be so proud of those Dawgs!!!
  2. Great game to both teams. Would have loved to see Liggett run the ball more. The PC defense is fast, and the O-line couldn't slow them down at all. Wallace is tough to get up from some of the hits he was receiving. The refs called the correct call on the penalties for targeting/helmet to helmet. It was clear. MC had their chances to take the game, but mistakes got in the way. The DE made the PC qb rush a pass and the DT dropped a would be pick 6. Anyways I got my $6 dollars worth. Good luck to both teams the rest of the way. Go Tigers!!!
  3. Sloppy game for MC, but I don't want to take anything away from the wildcats. #25 Burks for Tullahoma is a homerun threat each time he gets the ball. #electric. The Tullahoma QB made some Aaron Rodgers type plays escaping pressure and finding open receivers down the field. Luckily the Tigers got the stops they needed to get to escape with the W. The Tigers need to work on OL, and DB play to get anywhere close to where they were last season. Go Big Blue!!!
  4. Hats off to both teams on their seasons. Keep fighting Tigers!!! #MC
  5. Round 2. A buddy from work and I were looking at the playoff bracket when it came out, and saw this potential matchup on the horizon. He is an alumni of LA, and of course I am an alumni of MC. I'm hearing the RB for LA is very good,but the team overall is young (sophomore heavy). I gave a little insight on the Tigers, but let him know he would have to see for himself in person. I look for MC to take advantage of Livingston's youth this week. Too many athletes on the field to contain. If MC can put together a complete game with no silly turnovers, I like their chances against anyone. Hoping for safe travels, and an injury free ball game. #GoTigers!!! MC 35 LA17
  6. They will be. I know Giles has a big DL and a good LB on defense. I remember them from last year, and will give credit where it is due. The RB was young but solid in my eyes. I was at the MC/Overton game, and we can't have a slow start against these guys. Finish them early!!!
  7. What's up everyone? It's gameday!!! I'm hoping for an injury free game for both teams. Hopefully Osteen has the UPSET from last season pounded in these kids heads. Go handle that...Go Tigers!!!
  8. The Tigers are sophomore heavy, but I see some positives from last night. The game was scoreless for about all of the 1st quarter and you add in 5 turnovers, that's why you see the score get out of hand like it was. Work on ball handling, fielding kicks, and not throwing in triple coverage, and I see this team growing as the season progresses.
  9. Trevor played a great game. Harrison runs really good routes and is a very talented receiver. Your defense stepped up as a whole. I would love to see #9 in orange and white as well. It was a great game. Good luck bobcats. You guys wanted it more. Don't get content. Go get it.
  10. Great Job GC. Good luck the rest of the way. Your kids showed class after the game. Now I have to leave being a fan, and get back in to Unc mode to make sure #9 head is high. He left it all out there. Congrats again to Giles. That double pump by holder is nasty.
  11. I don't believe this for one second. Giles will bring all they got. Surely their morale isn't that low. If that's the case, maybe it is the coach. It's his job to keep the players head right, but hey what do I care?? Maybe @cornerback10 can come coach the bobcats??? My source tells me MC has been getting after it at practice all week. Those boys really want it.
  12. Lol really? Seems fitting that him and tow truck are legends in CORN-Vegas.
  13. Lol i did not bring him on here. That guy appears out of no where. Maybe he will jump in to support jd. He introduced me to a former Giles player at work the other night. Seems like a good kid.
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