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  1. IMO, the "Three Stooges" is merely a one-year thing - a transition from the current OC to a new one next season.
  2. I do not see it on their schedule as live. Only as a replay on Saturday
  3. SIAP: Is there television coverage of the game?
  4. If it is like the jamboree, cash or card.
  5. Gotta know before games start tonight, please
  6. How does a person edit a mistake? Once picked, is it locked in?
  7. Can I get a MHS / OR scrimmage summary? I heard that they were using rowboats and jet skis.
  8. Is anyone streaming the scrimmage this evening?
  9. If a kid plays ball for MHS and has a single digit on his back, he can run really fast.
  10. What time does the scrimmage start?
  11. The Murphy Fair website is still showing year 2021. What's the deal?
  12. ...when CoachT moves the Football news feed to the top of the Homepage.
  13. Another one? Don't they ever stop coming round? How many is that now? Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  14. I think it;s a Slim Jim
  15. I had one of those in 1975. Always kept 2 quarts of oil in the back. I rolled it on Christmas Eve 1977, one week before I got married. Mine was burgundy colored. It still sits rusting on my late brother's farm in Norene, Tennessee.
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