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  1. Floobagop

    Why No Band?

    But the way you stated your question was very rude and offensive to the members of the band. We're committed to performing on Friday night games. We tried to come out on Saturday anyway, but it didn't work out.
  2. I say, look at facts and stop being an ignorant jerk: http://tennessee.coacht.com/boards/index.p...36&start=36
  3. No need for a poll. It's a sport. You know it.
  4. Why bother asking other people what they think? We just told you it is.
  5. We don't have any problem with football players, unless they're jerks who, for some reason, have a problem with us. I'll start out by saying that last Thursday, we had a preview performance at 5:00, in the heat of the afternoon. We managed to get more band fans to come watch our unfinished show than the visiting team at our opening football game had come to watch their team. Also, if you ever go to a marching contest, you'll notice that the stands are packed to the point where people are forced to watch the shows from the fence. I'll now assist you in understanding how band works by correcting your ignorant comments: PARENTS NOT FANS. I'm not exactly sure what you're saying with this outburst. I don't know if you're saying that your parents are not your fans or what. Well, hopefully your parents care enough to show some form of support for your team. As far as band fans go, we had not only parents, but alumni, friends, and music-lovers in the community come into the 100-degree heat to watch our preview show. NO ITS NOT. (Band is a sport) Obviously, many people will disagree with you on this comment. If you'll kindly take a look at CoachT.com's message board directory, you'll find a "Band" board. What's the name of the section it is classified under? DO YOU GUYS WORK OUT AN RUN OVER THE SUMMER. I'd like to mention that we, along with many other bands, have a band camp before school starts. For me and some others, we began band camp a full two weeks before school started. For two full weeks, we were outside in the heat from 8 to 5 (that's 90 hours over 10 days). FOOTBALL PLAYERS DO ALOT MORE THEN MARCH AT A FAST PASE I'll agree with that, but so do we. What we do is not only physically strenuous, but requires the highest focus level possible. Not only do we have to put our feet down at the exact same time 184 times every minute, we have to keep our toes up 6 inches while marching forward, heels up while marching back, shoulders squared to the sidelines, chest up and out, chin up, instrument up and forward and angled correctly, watch down the form to make sure it is right (straight when its supposed to be a line, curvy when its supposed to be an arc, round when its supposed to be a circle, and angled correctly when its supposed to be a diagonal), remember how many steps have to be taken to get to the next form while getting to a paticular point on the field, make every 8-to-5-step be exactly 22.5 inches, make sure the right foot is exactly halfway in front of the left on the "and" of the beat, watch the field commander to make sure we're in tempo, remember where we're at in the music, keep track of where each of the 45 meter changes occur in the music, push down the correct keys on the instrument, play the correct pitch, play with a beautiful tone, articulate correctly, release together, and look good while doing it, all at the exact same time. Has your football team ever broken a referee's arm for getting in the middle of a play? We have. TRY BEING IN SHOULDER PADS PADDED PANTS AN A HELMET. Try wearing a long-sleeved, black, wool coat on top of thick, black wool overalls. While you're at it, put on a cotton T-shirt, gloves, gauntlets, and a helmet with a feather duster on top. Also, be sure to ignore the rivers of sweat streaming down your face while you're standing at attention for more than five minutes waiting for pregame to start. YOU GUYS GET THE 3 QUARTER TO RUN AROUND AN GET ON PEOPLES NERVES I dunno about you, but we're in the stands from quarter 1 to quarter 4. We can't eat, drink (except water), or run around for even one quarter after the game starts. The only thing I don't understand is why so many fans would sit in the bleachers right next to the band, cheering and clapping along when we play, if we get on their nerves. Maybe your band gets to run around and get on your nerves. I don't know. Maybe you should ask them to stop. Or you should just stop being a jerk. As I said, I have no problem with football players. I very much enjoy playing at football games and supporting the team. So, I don't understand why you must insult bands that do their best to make you look good. Don't post about things that your know nothing of. F.Y.I.: Researchers have concluded that band conductors live to an average age of 89 years, while the average person has an average life expectancy at birth of 78. Good night, my sweet prince.
  6. Floobagop

    Why No Band?

    Hi. I am one of the officers in the Tullahoma Band, and we did attempt to organize a pep band to play in the stands. We contacted several members of our band's leadership team and realized that too many band members had other commitments this afternoon to create a band with the correct instrumentation. Basically, without enough members of each section of the band, we would not have been able to play most of our tunes. It was decided in the end by members of the leadership team and the directors that we would not perform this afternoon. Also, don't question the toughness of our band members. We've been outside everyday in the 100-degree weather learning our show, just as the football team has been practicing. In fact, on Friday, we had not only a rehearsal, but three performances: pep rally, tailgate party, and football game. If it were not for the rain, we'd have performed our halftime show and continued playing in the stands after the show. In addition, the football game is our football game too. We enjoy being there and performing, just as the football team does. Most of us were extremely disappointed when the football game was postponed, and as I said, several of us made attempts to return today. There is a difference in getting 5 band members to volunteer to work the consession stand and getting 150 members in the stands to play. We just couldn't arrange a band in the limited time we had. Finally, we are a musical organization. We do not exist solely to support the football team. During the summer and fall, we attend a week or two of band camp, learn a field show, learn stands tunes, perform at games, and perform at contests. We try to make it to every football game possible to support the team, and we do our best to get the crowd excited about the game. However, we have other performances we are responsible for, as well. We have been preparing to compete in three regional contests in September. So, next time before you decide to comment about our organization, please consider that there might reasons for our actions and decisions, and I ask you to think before you start throwing around useless insults. We will be at every football game this season that we possibly can, and we will do our best during our performances, whether it be on the field or in the stands. Thank you.
  7. Thank you very much. We'll still be at every Tullahoma football game (except for this upcoming one) for the rest of the season.
  8. Tullahoma went to the Dixie Pride Marching Contest in Trinity, Alabama on Saturday. There were twenty-six bands from Tennesee, Alabama, and Mississippi there, including eight in the AAAA division. Tullahoma won the following awards: Superior Band Superior Drumline Superior Color Guard Superior Drum Majors 1st Place Drumline in Class AAAA 1st Place Band in Class AAAA Best Overall Percussion Class AAAA Challenge Cup - Best Average Score Grand Championship Unfortunately, due to the rain-out of the Columbia contest last week, this was Tullahoma's second and final contest for the year. It was a very successful and fun year. I hope everyone enjoyed the show.
  9. Tullahoma is just performing in the contest at night. It's a pity that McGavock is not. We were looking forward to compete against them.
  10. Well, overall our (Tullahoma) show ran pretty well. We took the closer tempo around 190, rather than 180, so that was a bit of a problem keeping it together and clean. Fundamentals were our biggest problem. We've got a lot of it fixed, and we added a bit more visual choreography to the show. Bottom line: We did well at the last contest. We'll see on Saturday if we can do as well as last week. I have a feeling we just may....
  11. Score one for Tullahoma.
  12. While it's true that we don't go to a whole lot of competitions, never has our marching band been "lackluster." We usually go to three competitions each year and we almost always come in first at two of the three. Like I said, last year at Traveller's Rest Invitational we came in second place, only to McGavock. The year before, we lost only to Siegel. Because of our marching band success and the fact that we do have an amazing symphonic band, we have one of the best overall bands in Tennessee. We'll see how it goes this year. By the way, which band are you following?
  13. I saw a bunch of people wearing your show shirts at the DCI contest last Friday. Unfortunately for you guys, our show will kick even even your serious butt.
  14. Tullahoma is still the best.
  15. The Tullahoma Band is definately the best band in Tennessee. We've had the best concert band in the state for the past many years. This past year, 58 people from the Tullahoma band made Mid-State Band, and 18 of them made All-State Band. This is more than any other single band in the state of Tennessee. As far as marching band is concerned, we marched our show, "Boom," in three contests last year, in Tennessee and Alabama. We were grand champions at two of the three contests. We came in second at the other contest, losing to McGavock by only 0.7 of a point. We beat out Columbia, Siegel, and over 50 other bands. We won the "best music" and "best hornline" awards at all three contests. During the season, we won "best drumline," "best field commanders," and "best guard" awards at one or more of the contests. We recieved all superior ratings during the season. And our show is even more awesome this upcoming year.
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