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  1. He didnt play much in those two games but he started the south greene game and has started since
  2. I personally know the west high team and know that they do have a 6'4 player
  3. West actually has two players taller than 6'1 one is 6'4 and the other is 6'3
  4. Jw. wat is everyone takes on West. Do u think they should be doin better than the way they have been playing
  5. good job tcsf. This is just wat i was lookin for. jw wat is everyones take on morristown west
  6. wat is the final score of the morristown east Cherokee game?
  7. does anyone know the score and can they keep me updated thanks
  8. Does anyone know where I can get the box score for Morristown West games. Please Help
  9. How do yall think they will do
  10. So yall tell me who are the top juniors that could possibly move on to college ball
  11. Who do yall think the best juniors in east tennesse are
  12. What are some good juniors in the state of tennesse that have potential to take it to the next level
  13. Yeah congratulations to Woodacre but im sure he would trade that in for a chance to go to state because he has that much desire to win.
  14. How are we stuck up. I mean were just pointing out factors of the game. There have been a couple of games were we one and the officiating stunk. I mean your pretty stuck up always having to get the last say in crazzyness. There really is no reason to hate us because i have no clue what we have done to you and if we have please explain. Its pretty stuck up to say you hate a team and cant learn to live with the fact that were just different than yall up in carter county. You probably think it because the rumor around the tri is that were a private school and most of the students are proffesors kids. Which i guess makes us rich since we live in the city.
  15. How are you going to say that are team and coachs are cocky. You dont even know them. Thats a pretty bad thing to say when you dont know them. Have we ever said that about yall. Our fans are pretty bad and its just are students. I have sat with each of the other teams fans that we played at home and I feel that those fans are pretty bad and im just talkin about the parents and the students are pretty bad also. Our fans just have a lot of pride and want to see our team win.
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