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  1. 1A Football is way down in these Regions/Districts - Southern, middle West/Middle/middle East TN.
  2. Only 6 post on a mTp game?.? Wow.... 21... mTp 7..... Stown 5 mins to go in 3rd qtr.
  3. I must say, after quietly reading these pages from day to day, that it really takes the cake on how some posters on the T gives "No Respect" (calling for 21 pts +) to a team that has worked hard, came out of no where, and handed it - decisively - on Defense to THE BEST high powered Offenses the West had to give to them.... AND that they (GB) themselves have been beaten, 1 year BADLY (NCS), in each Championship they made a run too...... A little Humble Pie and Respect would have went a long way in making this thread for another Greenback run to the top a little more enjoyable to read and A Lot more Respect given to them........ But,....... Nah.
  4. All the best to you and your boys of Cville.... Win, lose, or draw these Dawgs have made it to a dance that a lot of us wished our Alma Mater's could get to and get to bring home something more than just a Gold or even a Silver Ball.... Pride & Respect and memories to last a lifetime. Congrats on a great season and good luck Thursday morning! Pulling for this program all these years, you deserve this ride, just as anybody does! Enjoy my man!!
  5. I like your answer.... Thanks! Best of Luck to your boys, again, Thursday!
  6. No doubt DEFENSE won this game for Cville tonight.... Question is,,,, how's Cville's OFFENSE going to look without Woodard for THE last game.......?
  7. Tough loss CA, UC is a good team that will proly win it all. Congrats on another great season to hang your helmets on. Keep plugging at it, and your time will come!
  8. Congrats to you and your boys on finally going to the State Championship game!!!!
  9. Last I heard, he was on crutches with a boot, on sideline. More than likely done the rest if the year. Which isn't good for Cville.
  10. Good post!... Coach Lansdell has been good for CA! Has brought smarts and especially disciplined football (very important) to CA boys; and it's paying off! Best of Luck from your Southern Maury Co. neighbors down around MP tonight! We are pulling for ya! Go Bulldogs!
  11. I'll be listening in on the radio tonight wjjm am1490, work duty, but as an old Respected T'er called Sum1uno says it.... "Go Dawgs!" Stated this last week, and it applies to this week again as well.... Best of Luck to you and your boys down in C-ville Friday night!.. Play smart, disciplined football and you boys are in it to win it. This game may very well come down to turnovers and penalties. So Dogs; play smart and hard as you have all year, bring nothing but your best and hang your heads about nothing, win or lose, you boys have the best season C-ville has had the opportunity to smile about..... Good luck from MP!!!
  12. As this past Friday night showed, to pick a team to win is folly, as soooo many 'experts' - my thoughts included- were proven wrong.... So my posting is only to say.... Go Bulldogs! Pulling for ya all the way!
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