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  1. I highly doubt FCS spends the funds to upgrade the visitors seating. Look at their schedule and tell me which teams will bring a large crowd. TC is the only one. Privates generally don't have a large community supporting them and from games I've been too there outside of TC games, their seating is adequate. TC is very blessed with visitors seating but that has to do more with the Bowl Game that used to be held many years ago as well as large crowds at playoff games. i'd guess that TC may have the largest seating capacity in 1A and 2A and most of 3A in the state. I know stadium upgrades for the Creekbank are on the horizon but i havent seen details. I do wonder if they will shrink the visitor's side to lower cost if the plan is to demo and rebuild?
  2. Hopefully Yeti, you will see one that includes Meigs again this year. If so, that means we have both had a good year! Best of Luck to you!
  3. Another Year Means , Another Year of BCB~MVP's By the Numbers: Week 1 TC at FCS. Wow what a way to start the season. This is a match-up of 2 2018 State Runner-ups! Friendship Christian 2018 Review: Last year saw the Commanders tally a 9-3 record and eventually fell to Davidson Academy in the Finals 27-39. They averaged 36.6 ppg (points per game) while giving up 15.4 ppg. 2019 Outlook: This year the Commanders look to find their way back to Cookeville but they have a tough schedule ahead of them. 4 of the first 5 games are against teams that advanced to the Playoffs. However, the 3 bigger games in that stretch will all be played on their home turf (yes Turf is the correct word, as over the offseason Pirtle Field recieved a makeover). That should lessen the blow. The back half of their schedule appears to be lighter, although a Week 11 trip to Crossville to face 4A Stone Memorial will certainly be a challenge. If Coach McNeal and his staff can keep the boys from Possum Town healthy in that match-up, I feel they will be primed to make another deep run this year. Trousdale Co. 2018 Review: Trousdale Co. rallied to finish the 2018 year with a 11-4 mark and capped the year with a 17-9 slobber knocker loss to Peabody in the Championship. Last year, the Jackets put up 30 ppg, while only giving up 11.3 ppg. The Hartsville Club lost some talented kids and good leaders but they also played alot of youth the last couple of years under the reign of Brad Waggoner. 2019 Outlook: Coach Blake Satterfield now takes over as Head Coach on the Creekbank. If that name sounds familiar, it should. Blake's Grandfather (Jim B.) and Father (Clint) are both apart of the TSSAA Hall of Fame and both have their own storied careers as Head Coach at Trousdale Co. Blake played for his father and helped the Jackets claim the 2005 1A Class Title. He then took his talent and played college ball at the University of the South. Since graduating, Blake as been on staff at Trousdale Co. serving in various roles, most recently as the DC during last seasons Runner-up finish. Blake's squad has been picked in the Top 5 of 2A ever since the 2018 season ended and are the odds on favorite to take Region 4AA. This years schedule features only 9 match-ups but the non region schedule could be a challenge. FCS always provides a tough out and will be a big test to open the season. Gordonsville in W4 and Macon Co. in W6 are old rivals and won't let the Jackets easily off the hook and Portland in W8 should be better after making the 2018 playoff field. Watertown is determined to defend their Region Championship, and I'd expect they will be present a quality game for TC in W3. Westmoreland is another old rival and region foe that is looking to build on their 2018 playoff bid. Match-Up History: These 2 met last year in Week 2 in Lebanon. In that game, the Jackets prevailed with a 27-21 victory. Going back to 2000, these 2 have faced off 16 times. TC has a 10-6 record in those contest, however FCS has won 4 of the last 7. in those 16 games the average score has been TC 18.5 - FCS 14.7. History shows the tight match-up between the 2 schools. My Take: This W1 game will be one of the best match-ups all week and maybe of the season. When these 2 rivals square off, real football is played! I look for this to go the same way this series has gone over the past several years. A tight ball game coming down to the 4th quarter. The team with the least amount of mistakes will prevail. Final score is too close to call.
  4. RBS i saw is participating in the Industrial Bowl Jamboree (Macon Co.). That schedule was posted in the paper.
  5. 31st Annual Tobacco Bowl Jamboree will be held on Friday August 16th on the Creekbank. 6:00 p.m. Station Camp Frosh vs. Trousdale Co. Frosh 7:15 p.m. Station Camp JV vs. Clay Co. 9:00 p.m. Station Camp Varsity vs. Trousdale Co. Varsity Each game will be 2 Qrts of live action.
  6. Where is the Lake Co. Scrimmage going to be at? That's a haul for either team to travel. APSU?
  7. Another game to add to your list, Trousdale County @ Friendship Christian. Both teams finished Runner-Ups in 2018 and enter 2019 ranked. Not sure what all FCS has returning but the TC/FCS match-up is always a battle. For both teams, this game wont define their seasons but it will set the tone as they enter Region play the following week. 73 Days til Kickoff!!!
  8. Ok I have been corrected by a source that knows what happened with the “leaking” of names. The Vidette did not go rogue on the list as I previously stated. It's public information and the vidette asked. Dr. Satt had to follow the law because of the Freedom of Information Act. I was also told you do not have to post a job of hiring from within. I am told that 25 total applied. 6 did not go through the website process and Lawerence was one of them. A total of 9 or 10 were interviewed. This is the last that needs to be said at this point as the process is over and we all need to move on. Again Congrats to BSatt! Go Jackets!
  9. Guys, from my understanding, the paper went rogue and posted the names. Doubt he gets trusted in the future with anything. Bet they stop sending the school lunch in too in fear that the sweetbees will get their hopes up for hamburger helper a week early. Now lets move on.
  10. KC, You obviously don't know Blake! Yes he is a Satterfield, but he ain't no puppet! Growing up he was the one that went against the grain in the Satterfield household so I don't expect that to change. Doubt Lawrence was ever involved. Probably just a rumor to get chat up. Congrats to BSatt! Glad to see a True Yellow Jacket back in the lead. I know he will do great!
  11. Coach Lawerence has been at various Wilson Co. schools since leaving TC with Coach Brown. I believe he has been at Wilson Central that last couple of years as an assistant. With his name coming up, and it not appearing on the list of applicants that was posted, makes me wonder if the editor was given the correct list or a completed list? Or maybe people are just grasping at things. We shall see.
  12. Guys, don't stress about BBall players not working out. Those kids im sure are getting a much different workout in with the other sports. Its not like they are sitting at home stuffing their mouths with potato chips while watching TV. I was a 2 sport athlete and yes i continued to workout during basketball season (Coach P didnt like it but Coach Satt demanded it), but the workout was scaled way back because I and the others were participating in another sport. Basic lifts were about all we did and it was only 2 maybe 3 days a week max. And come postseason, all football workouts stopped. My point is, it may benefit them some to let those muscles rest for the 2 months that they have had off.
  13. Why would it be announced before the 8th? Don't rush the process. It could be after the 8th as well.
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