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  1. Dexterous and Fantastic? Anywho.... I guess I’ll be off the Christmas Card mailing list, o well it would probably arrive covered in a teary mist! I know What Genherals Christmas wish was for, but she blames the refs for slamming the door. As I stated in the message above, The Great Peabody would have showed the Rockets nothing but love. 4th in the State is great and all, Especially when you can’t get within a sniff of even the Silver ball. I personally found no fault with the Forrest Rockets, It’s just Genheral Lockets!
  2. I'm just enjoying the roasting of Mrs. General. I called her out on the TC thread last week or the week before and still no response to that one. She does a great job of complaining and has alot of hate to throw out to teams that sport a few rings. 'Tis the Season to be Merry, but Mrs General isn't very. A stockin' full of coal, i suppose? or maybe just a ref with a hose? Either way we should send her a gift box full of Tissues, for she is a basket case full of issues. She should be thankful her rocket ride ended in 3, because they would have been stomped by the Great PEABODY! So Merry Christmas to All, and even you General!
  3. I watched the All-Star game and thought Juice represented TC well! I believe he ended up with 3 tackles and he applied pressure several times. He also pursued to the ball well. Hoping he improved his stock in practice and the game last week. From all accounts, he is a great kid. I also thought it was awesome the Coach Dobbs (Current Moore Co. HC/former TC assistant) was his position coach. If anyone goes back to watch it, he was #56 on the East team. The one with the cast on his hand. I didnt even know he had broken anything until i turned the game on.
  4. No clue on the rest of Coach Whites career. Just know that team is legendary in these parts.
  5. I saw that on FB today. That’s awesome. And to clarify the 4 coaches, some may be confused. When Barker was let go, I believe there was still 1 regular season game left plus the playoffs. Asst. Principal and former Assistant Coach Ben Johnson took over as interim. TC lost in the 1st Rd that year I believe. I know it was at Huntington. That would have been this Sr classes Freshman year.
  6. I only know of the 1 but i could see 2 others getting offers as well. Another will more than likely go for another sport.
  7. It's happen to only 2 classes. You have to go all the way back to the class of 1929 to find the first occurrence. In those days getting a coach to stay around for more than a couple of years was rare. The first HC, R.N. Chenault, stuck around for 10 seasons (1909-1918), then there were 8 different coaches from 1919-1933 including Bill White who coached 1 season but made it a good one in 1922 going 10-0 and allowing a grand total of 13 points all season. In 1934 C.V. Baker took over and coached for 8 seasons ('34-'41). From '42 thru '61 there was another 7 coaches before the Legend Jim B. took over in 1962. From '62 until today well that History is easy to find. TC s 548-144-2 in that span with 9 Titles and 4 Runner-Ups. I agree that this team and in particular Sr. class faced alot of adversity, both on and off the field. I wont go into personal stories but many close to the program know what some of these fine young men have overcome or dealt with. I hope that for any that want to pursue the game at the next level get the opportunity. I know that 1 in particular has at least 1 outstanding offer along with some others that are great as well. Best of luck to each of you. Once a Jacket, Always a Jacket!
  8. I also find it pretty hypocritical of you to blast myself of starting this thread, then you yourself start a Forrest 2020 thread on the Thursday before the 2A Finals on Saturday. Or maybe you realized that spending weeks on end crying over something that you can't control doesnt solve anything and you need to move on to next year? Wait nope, thats not it, your signature hasn't changed. Hey go ahead and update it to say you finished in 3rd in CoachTs final ranking as well.
  9. I answered your question but you may not be able to read or maybe you just have a problem with TC in general. This was very simple research. See below... Assuming your 6K figure, 18% is just over 1K kids. That's less that 100 per grade. And those 30K salaries you refer to I'm sure does not include their housing, hence an incentive to draw ppl to the job. As for transfers to TC, I believe we had 3 this year, a set of brothers who moved from either Gallatin or Lebanon and a kid from Gordonsville. I don't know their reasons for moving but i don't think it had anything to do with the prison.
  10. Pulling the Census info from 2010, TC had 7864 with 17.6% being 5-18 yrs old (1384). That equates to 106 per grade (K-12). I'm not sure how much we have grown but it hasnt been a huge growth.
  11. All, Here is the latest episode from Burma Road! The boys discuss the Semi Finals game and wrap up the season. Enjoy! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/burma-road/id1477664025 https://open.spotify.com/episode/3LSgGM1vC6nYun1B25a1Db?si=AKk4wLiVRGK5h_JzkiK4jw
  12. So Radio how many Sr does it look like we will have in 2020? I know of 5 that started every game this year but not sure about the others.
  13. My bad! 37-7. I looked at the next week and saw the 0 from cascade. Regardless of which ever version TC played, those are the only things we have to compare from this season. Those teams were bad. TC out scored them 136-13 vs FHS 114-37. This is a meaningless stat and convo. Enjoy B-ball just like us.
  14. I personally don't see the point in arguing about past teams and which was better unless the 2 played. You didn't play any of those teams this year so we have no comparison. Fact is, the last and maybe the only time these 2 faced off, TC won. I didn't see it and 2 years after the fact, I don't care about any scrimmage results. I'm not doubting that Forrest had a good team this year and no doubt you could have played with the mentioned teams but there is no point in arguing who was better because Forrest had no good competition to compare games with. Forrest played 3 of the same teams that TC did this year and all do respect to those teams, but none were good. Portland (TC won 37-0, FHS won 37-22), East Robertson (TC won 55-6, FHS won 40-15) and Cascade (TC won 44-0, FHS won 37-0). The only way to settle this is to have your coach call our coach or vice versa and schedule something. Until then, Go back and cry about your loss to Riverside. Our boys are already preparing for next year. And in all honesty I was pulling for Forrest. I've mentioned before that I know the Stephson family and wish Eli well.
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