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  1. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Ok I have been corrected by a source that knows what happened with the “leaking” of names. The Vidette did not go rogue on the list as I previously stated. It's public information and the vidette asked. Dr. Satt had to follow the law because of the Freedom of Information Act. I was also told you do not have to post a job of hiring from within. I am told that 25 total applied. 6 did not go through the website process and Lawerence was one of them. A total of 9 or 10 were interviewed. This is the last that needs to be said at this point as the process is over and we all need to move on. Again Congrats to BSatt! Go Jackets!
  2. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Guys, from my understanding, the paper went rogue and posted the names. Doubt he gets trusted in the future with anything. Bet they stop sending the school lunch in too in fear that the sweetbees will get their hopes up for hamburger helper a week early. Now lets move on.
  3. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    KC, You obviously don't know Blake! Yes he is a Satterfield, but he ain't no puppet! Growing up he was the one that went against the grain in the Satterfield household so I don't expect that to change. Doubt Lawrence was ever involved. Probably just a rumor to get chat up. Congrats to BSatt! Glad to see a True Yellow Jacket back in the lead. I know he will do great!
  4. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Coach Lawerence has been at various Wilson Co. schools since leaving TC with Coach Brown. I believe he has been at Wilson Central that last couple of years as an assistant. With his name coming up, and it not appearing on the list of applicants that was posted, makes me wonder if the editor was given the correct list or a completed list? Or maybe people are just grasping at things. We shall see.
  5. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Guys, don't stress about BBall players not working out. Those kids im sure are getting a much different workout in with the other sports. Its not like they are sitting at home stuffing their mouths with potato chips while watching TV. I was a 2 sport athlete and yes i continued to workout during basketball season (Coach P didnt like it but Coach Satt demanded it), but the workout was scaled way back because I and the others were participating in another sport. Basic lifts were about all we did and it was only 2 maybe 3 days a week max. And come postseason, all football workouts stopped. My point is, it may benefit them some to let those muscles rest for the 2 months that they have had off.
  6. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Why would it be announced before the 8th? Don't rush the process. It could be after the 8th as well.
  7. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Just having some fun!
  8. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Sno, Is this guy yelling at everyone or just needing a visit to the opthalmologist? Everyone else seems to type in a calm manner around here and this dude jumps in filling the whole screen up! Guys, Dr. Satts target was Feb. 8th but he has stated that it could take longer. Don't assume that he will rush to get the process done just to achieve the target date. We will know, when we know!
  9. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    @oldfootballplayer Who was the coach from '55-'61? The information i had gathered said Jim B. was. I have Billy Matthews as HC in '54. If you have game scores and opponents, i'd love to know more. I have a spreadsheet that I'm building that contains all this information. I have complete season records back to '49 but no detail of opponents except for '63 (you provided that detail in another thread for me ). If any other TC faithful have information as well on season opponents, All State Players or HC names prior to Jim B., let me know. I know that the '44 team was lead by Sloan Jobe, C.V. Baker was HC in '35, Eugene McIlwain in '31, Bill White in '22, & Rudy Blair in '20 & '21. TC Football goes all the way back to 1909 and I'm trying to compile all the history into one location in hopes of sharing it with the public at some point. May have to pull a couple of strings and get it added to the schools website.
  10. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    I like everyone else am totally surprised that the list was made public. I knew of Dyer, Hackett, Vetetoe, Pierson, and Carey. It no doubt is an interesting list. Several of the names I am not familiar with. I hope and pray that the right person is put in place. I would hope that that person would be here for awhile. Now the waiting game.
  11. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    King, the last 2 hires have been outsiders, way outsiders. Nobody from TC had heard of either prior to being named. Sadly the community didnt support either guy the way they should have. Thats not to say that if the next HC is an outsider, then they will not support them either. I think it totally depends on the person and their track record. But my mind tells me that the administration is looking to get back to tradition and the best way to do that is to keep this hire inside the family. Will i be upset if thats not the case? Nope. I think that they will pick the right person for the job and I will support the hire regardless. But I can't speak for others. I have read the same post you have and its obvious that some TC folks don't feel the same. Honestly though, we wont know if its a good hire until the season is in full swing and even then, we may not know for sure. TC History Lesson: Many moons ago, a coach lead the Jackets to a 7-3 season in his first year. His 2nd year, he went 3-7. In Fact, his first 7 seasons as coach, the Jackets were 34-33-2. Thats below .500 win %. That coach ended up being the measuring stick of success in TC. He ended his HC career with a record of 222-86-4 including 1 State Title and 3 Runner-Ups, in 29 seasons. That was HOFer Jim B. Then following him, the Dr.'s first 4 season the Jackets managed a 21-19 record and failed to reach the playoffs each of those seasons. He had a decent stint as well amassing a 238-61 record with 5 Titles, in 24 seasons, including 20 trips to the playoffs, a record that is still continuing to this day! So all that to say, its not where you start, its where you finish. If TC faithful will support the coaches and this hire regardless of what their name is and let them do their jobs, TC has proven that the talent is there and everything will work out exactly how the good lord will have it!
  12. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    I will say of the names that i have been told from a very reliable source, 2 i would consider to be defensive minded, 2 i think would be more offensive and the others I'm not for sure. 3 have been on a Jacket staff in some form or fashion before. 1 has never been a Jacket but has faced them before. Also I believe 1 of the applicants is a very good motivator of men.
  13. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    i myself know a few names on the list but i don't feel that it's my position to reveal those. Like i said on an earlier post, of the names i know, (all of which have been mentioned on here already), I would be happy with. I also believe that each one of them would retain as much of the staff that wants to be there. I believe we are still a week out at the soonest to hear that Sean McVay is the new HC but i could be wrong.
  14. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Roy, You know the Disc Jockey of a man is pulling your peg! That Husslebuck man don't know notin bout chasing chickns or math like Snoballs and Mrs Baxie! That Dr. wood spend more time learning this Husslebuckman how da Engines cut cowboys off at da pass than its worth. And i hears that husslebuckman likes him some real nic stuf, lot nicer stuff than us hillbillies can dust off! I Personally like our rust over his shine! i says Get me a real hill man that can make dem Jackets pull bus tirs up hills and run barfoot thru crekbottoms. You think im joking but im not.