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  1. MBA would have trouble with the Irish D even if all of thier guys were healthy, so needless to say Ryan should not have much trouble stoping them now. The question that I have is can the Ryan offense move the ball on the MBA defense? You can't win if you don't score and although the Irish offense has put up some good numbers so far they have come agianst some awful opponents. The only descent team that we have played pushed us around prety good. With that being said, this game will be won in the trenches, hopefully our o-line will step up and take this game over and open up holes for our backs, if not it may be a long night for the Irish. This game will not be as easy as some people may think, we still have a long way to go before we need to be predicting three TD wins over MBA. This game will come down to the last possession and will be won with a field goal.
  2. Yea, but AB didn't give up in the fourth quarter.
  3. What, no commentary? I've been reading your backhanded shots at Ryan and thier fans and getting into spats with high school students for a month and this is all that you can come up with in response to an accurate game summary. You are on here every day spouting off about your Knights and your disgrunteled X-Ryan fan views. You' re an entertaining poster on this board, I would expect more of you.
  4. Ryan controlled the line of scrimmage from the opening drive. JP II definately had more speed than Ryan and possibly more "athletes" but in the end the Ryan offensive line and entire defense wore JP II down, to the point that the 4th quarter was dominated by the IRISH. I never would have thought that Goldens score early in the third quarter would have been thier last. Coach Lussier had our boys in better shape and it showed in the 4th quarter. Golden carried that team on his shoulders for as long as he could but finally wilted under the smothering Irish D in the final quarter. It was obvious that he wanted no more of #17 on those last two drives. You can't blame the kid for walking around and limping late in the game he has had that team on his back for two years. AB desirves his props for an outstanding game, he was the best player on the field tonight. Popes play calling on thier last 3 drives was so obvious, 1st down Golden in the I hand off or toss, 2nd down Golden in the tight slot, third down Golden split out wide, Ryan knew what was comming and gave them no chance. Credit to the Irish for not caving under adversity and hanging in there until the end. Great win for those kids, no one desirves it more.
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