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  1. Crews is also the preacher man at a CoC and has a young son in school. Doubt he’ll ever leave Wayne County.
  2. Is he even allowed to be within 500 feet of a school?
  3. Did Wayne County even field a team?
  4. Will Collinwood even be fielding a team this year?
  5. Once, but that...was along time ago.
  6. Is colonwad even fielding a team this year?
  7. Shoo wee what a bunch of mess this thread is. Wayne County and Waynesboro are named for Revolutionary War hero Anthony Wayne, NCS tuition is higher than what my degree cost, and "horse" has a chip on his shoulder and riding on NCS coat tails.
  8. Thought he did a good job. He didn't sound like he was having a stroke when he said "down"
  9. Has anything been done to improve the condition of the field? (can anything even be done?) Looked pitiful on periscope and appeared to contribute to the many injuries that occurred.
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