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2005 NBA Draft

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This is what got Morris in trouble-Envy and Ego.


Two of his old AAU running buddies, Howard and Smith, came out last year and had a good NBA (for rookies) season.  Morris decided to go to KY, where he stunk up the joint, convinced he got shafted by NOT going pro. 


Nothing was going to stop him from the big time after his "one-year" sentence at UK, where he played like he had a ball and chain around his ankles.


What he failed to realize is that you're only as good as your last performance, and the grade sheet on him while he was at UK showed inconsistent attitude, poor fundamentals, erratic effort, and a non-existant work ethic.  You can get by with that at the high school or AAU level-you can't in the Pro's.


So he declares, never even contacts Tubby (he faxed in his intentions), nor asks his help-he was going PRO and was going LOTTERY.  The ONLY people he listened to where his AAU buddies and his "support" group.


Reality check hit him like a Karl Malone pick at the high post.



Heard on the radio this morning that Morris is able to return to UK, if he is wanted back, because of a loophole in the NCAA rules. If a player goes through the draft, is not drafted and does not sign an agent, then the player CAN return to play college basketball. Morris' dad says he never hired an agent, so if Tubby allows him back, Morris can return to play for UK. Now the question becomes is will Tubby let him back on or not?

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I think the bigger question is, has this recent humiliation gotten through the thick heads of Morris and his father, who still cling to this belief that his game is ready for the NBA? His former AAU coach is now working for SFX, the sports agency that "advised him" during this process. Funny how that works :lol:


Whether or not he actually signed with SFX, or they just advised him (in which case if they told him he should turn pro, they should be sued for malpractice) or not is one of the questions.

Tubby has a big heart, but he will have to have a "heart to heart" with him before any moves are made.


In light of what UK lost in the frontcourt, Morris would be smart to come back-and Tubby might need him-providing he plays better than last year.


He can't turn pro and return to college again. Or maybe he and his father think that the D-league is worth his time. Personally, I think he should crawl over broken glass to get back on the Wildcats team-and then dedicate himself to being a better ball player.

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