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Red Rebels


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auburntown, in north cannon county....


love this thread, we sure lost a lot when we consolidated all those little schools.

I thought they had renamed Auburntown to Brysonville. Who is Bryson anyway? We used to play softball torunaments on that one field there on the highway.

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Did you wear the polka dots in basketball? :D


Former Stratford High Spartan

I think the only person still alive from Madison back then is that curmudgeon coaching at Hillwood. :huh: Chuck is my hero. :huh:

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Young High in Knoxville. Closed in early 70's, I think. Phil Clabo (P) and Richard Pickens (RB) went on to play at UT.


When Young closed, students merged with South High to form South-Young. That school later closed, rezoning students to Doyle High, which is now South-Doyle.


Pickens was a good one at UT. I remember in 66 Maryville went undefeated in the regular season and Pickens ran all over them in the Optimist Bowl. Wasn't there also an East High school in Knoxville at one time?

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Yes, I believe there was an East High School in Knoxville. It was the predecessor to Austin East, if I am not mistaken. What a great thread for the ole guys like myself. Also, makes me realize how much I have forgotten.

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"I thought they had renamed Auburntown to Brysonville."




brysonville is between auburntown and woodbury.

(up on the hill, on the right-going to auburntown)

maybe the two just got confused...


altho i dont see how, brysonville is dinky!

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I remember Kirkman real well. They beat Maryville in 1979. Maryville went on to be state runner up that year. Kirkman had a great receiver and quarterback that year. Kirkman started out 2-0 that year after their win vs Maryville. In Kirkmans next game their starting quarterback gets hurt and is out for the year. Kirkman didn't win another game. That quarterback was awesome.


Maryville played Kirkman again in 1980. Maryville beat them the next year 35-0. Maryville whipped Kirkman a few more times also. Can't remember the exact years though.

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