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Brentwood Team Camp Info

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Great ran team camp and awesome talent there. I enjoyed seeing Pageman, TGLJ, and Ivolly there as well as a few others. We truly have some first class coaches in the mid-state (and Chattanooga) and I always enjoy my conversations with them. If your team has never been to this event, and you want to get better as a group, see great competition, be treated like an honored guest, and see where your team stands among the best in the state, I suggest you call Barbara Campbell early next spring and make your reservations.


Indeed. Brentwood knows how to put on a show and how to get some of the best teams our state has. Three days of fantastic volleyball makes for a wonderful pre-season. I enjoyed seeing some old and new posters there who were taking in all the great ball. Much sincere gratitude to Barbara Campbell, Jeff Frazier, parents, and the whole crew for rolling out the red carpet and the wonderful hospitality.


If you saw this tournament, you certainly enjoyed some really good quality ball. If not, you missed out, but you can catch the Blastoff on August 18-19.

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Here is what I know though and this is how I base my decision. Brentwood girls for the most part are playing for Impact teams that are still competing near the top of the club division at nationals. Impact 15-1 and Impact 17-1 both qualified and did well at nationals, but they qualified in the national division and would not be able to qualify at the top open division just yet. Making great strides in that direction though.


Assumption, Sacred Heart and Mercy girls start playing in grade school, come from KIVA Red and MAVA Elite teams that all finished either at the top or near the very top of the open division of USA nationals this year. Those three teams are just still in a different league "most likely" to Brentwood. However, Presentation girls mostly come from KIVA 17-2 teams. St Henry and Notre Dame from NKYVC, Bullets, or Cincy teams that compete closer to Impacts level, therefore possibly Brentwoods level. Bottom line, Brentwood still would at best be 4th in KY in my humble opinion for now. :lol:


Also, with regards to the SHA JV team Brentwood defeated, it's "possible" those SHA girls were the ones that made up most of MAVA 17 Elite this year and will be seniors this season. VERY dissappointing team by MAVA standards as they only qualified for the national division at nationals and only won two matches there. Think they were 2-8. For some reason that 17 elite team was not at the level of the MAVA 13-16's that excelled in open. Not even close really.

I think that Digs is right on point with regards to the older Louisville club girls and that continues to point the strength right back to KIVA Red and Assumption. The KIVA 17 White and MAVA 17 Elite were barely Open level quality. Impact 17-1 defeated MAVA Elite and finished much higher at nationals. The real strength at KIVA and MAVA runs deeper at the younger age levels. I think both KIVA and MAVA qualified 3 14 year old teams for Nationals. KIVA 15 Red and MAVA 15 Elite met in the AAU finals (won by MAVA) and the JO Open finals won by KIVA. These were the top 2 15 year old teams in the country both from Louisvlle. Obviously the National Championship won by Impact's 15's at the club division was huge for Nashville volleyball.


I believe that both Lexington and Nashville need to find ways to expand the base of the younger girls. But Impact is clearly competing at a higher level than either of the Lexington clubs at this point.

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