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You are so "CoachT" if...

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Like many of you, I think the world of this website, yet never have really taken enough time to thank CoachT for providing a free forum (free for us, not for him) to discuss HS athletics, especially football.


So, a la The Nashville Scene's "You Are So Nashville If...", I am starting this thread to tell CoachT what this site has done to me. Come on folks, don't be shy.


You Are So "CoachT" If...


1) ...you've learned more about high school athletics here than through any other media source.

2) ...you've posted an opinion about the private vs. public debate.

3) ...despite what your opinion is on private vs. public, you've actually come to see and sympathize with the opposition's side on some matters.

4) ...you ever wonder (and worry) if someone has figured out who you are (name) based on your posts.

5) ...you go to bed at night thinking about how you are going to respond to a post on a "hot topic" thread that hasn't even been posted yet.

6) ...you check out CoachT.com each morning before you check stock quotes, online newspapers, e-mail, etc.

7) ...as your online session nears a close, you post something on CoachT.com, go surf the web for a few minutes, and then come back to CoachT one last time to see if anyone has responded to your post before going to bed.


I have many more, but that's a start. Gotta run...gotta check out the markets before coming back!

[Edited by rollredroll on 7/29/02 10:40P]

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If your screenname has some reference to your alma mater.


If insomnia seems to coincide with the number of interesting threads.


If your wife/husband accuses you of having... well, I'll let your imagination do the rest!

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if you talk about coacht everyday at lunch with other coaches.


if you "know something" that is hot and wonder if you can put it on or should wait; or put it on at all


if your insomnia is caused by coacht.com and wanting to get someone mad at something, so you can blow off steam (oh, wait, I think that is just me.)


Anyway, rollred is right. This is a great site and great fun, but most importantly, I really do find out more real information here than any other sorce.

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...If you have been on CoachT when exactly 1 Member was logged on.


...If you are posting a message at 12:36 AM.


...If you are actually sitting there wondering how many more of these statements holds true for you.


...If you have a specific routine when you get on this site (Mine is Football, Basketball, Private/Public, News)


...If you add more entries at 1:21 in the morning.

[Edited by TheEgoHasLanded on 7/30/02 1:22A]

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....if you are responding to this thread at 12:30 am!!


....if you type your post and then post it and then decide to proofread it.


....if you are still waiting for "the bowling" message board.


....if you have posted on the "Etu Queenbee" thread.


....if you make the argument that Memphis is not in West Tennessee and believe that you are right!!

[Edited by VolunteerGeneral on 7-30-02 12:45A]


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You are soooooo CoachT if.....


Every time you wake up in the middle of the night to "take care of business," you log on to CoachT.


Your wife is jealous of a web-site (no... not that kind of a web-site).


You have long discussions on-line with someone with a nickname like PANFAN.


You have bad dreams about the big bad wolf from West Tennessee (Volunteer General).


Your blood pressure rises when you read my posts.


Life seems just a little bit better when you can log on.


You can't go on vacation without asking your mother-in-law if you can use her computer to log in and see what's going on!


It's 5:38AM and your reading this post with only three other members logged in!

[Edited by ELA on 7/30/02 5:41A]

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Guest Tailback

...If CoachT.com is set as your homepage


...If you leave the supper table early just to have more time at CoachT.com


...If you just took the time to post a message on this thread

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...most of your clothes have CoachT.com on the front and back, which is why your wife hid your only sport coat.


...you mow an acre, check your email, check the boards, look for articles...mow an acre, check your email, check the boards, look for articles (only two more acres to go)

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