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Bob Knight

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Not the point. Yes, everyone is selfish to a certain degree, but Knight has no characteristics of being unselfish. He has been destructive to many on this slef plight of his. You talk about discipline, the man has none himself. SOmething doesnt go his way- he screams, cries, throws, goes on rampages like a 8 year old. That's discipline? Hardly. SOme posters have asked if they woudl send their kid to play for him. I have to ask myself with his track record - who in the heck with a right mind would subject their kid to this? True parents send their kids to the Coach K's, Dean SMith's, JOhn Woodens.


AS I said, Indiana's gain, TT embarrasment

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Posted by TheEgoHasLanded:

Yeah he sure did make Steve Alford a better man...he was a golden by in 1987, the poster child. Now Knight refuses to talk to Alford...doesn't talk to Mike Davis at Indiana...can you justify this please?

Alford and Davis stabbed him in the back. Knight is a very loyal person and demands the same loyality.

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How exactly did Alford and Davis stab him in the back?


Are they just supposed to stay assistants until Knight crokes and then go on living?


So did the Missouri Coach stab coach K in the back? Or Tommy Amecker over at Michigan? They stabbed Coach K. also? The man is a jerk, and he is bully.

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Bob Knight on the surface is a jerk, but underneath that is a man that could have been both... a good guy and a great coach. I , again, think he knows his x's and 0's, but the insults and tirades make me wonder what kind of example is he. He does care about his players, but does not treat them that way in public. When I first got into coaching, I patterned my style after Bob Knight. Later, I have had to change everything except his great coaching ability and his strictness as far as rules go. He does have a problem though - he doesn't know how to get along with people. I like many things that he does , but really deplore some of his antics. He is not a good example for kids. I hope he finally sees the light and straightens up - for the sake of the kids! :rolleyes:

[Edited by PantherGam on 8-6-02 1:45P]

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I think if you read his book you would see that he gets along with people better than you think. Especially officials and some members of the media. Dan Rather, for example, was one of many that contacted him after his firing to express his condolances.

He has made friends with some of the most influencial people in the last half century. Ted Williams, Dean Smith, former President Bush, Bill Parcells, JHonny Bench, Mark McGuire, Roger Maris, etc.

I have a lot of trouble believeing that all of those people would not be able to see through the "character flaws" that so many accuse him of having.

If you hate him, fine. It isn't my place to change the way you think. But I doubt those who chose to verbally bash him, here or elsewhere, really know or understand any of the things that have triggered so much negativity.

Joe Paterno, after seeing the video of the "choke"(the choke that wasn't) said he would have been fired a hundred times if he were held to that standard.

He is the guy that everybody loves to hate. He knows that, I know that. And if some of you feel better by expressing that hate, then good. Better to vent that hatred here than on someone in your life.

[Edited by just1np on 8-6-02 5:48P]


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