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Brentwood Soccer

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First congrats to all the Brentwood teams there is no doubt that you need to pat your selfs on the back......However, it has been my experience that club associations tend to ebb and flow. I'm sure TNFC will make a come back. But only time will tell.....

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How bout the Brentwood Soccer Club being represented in every age bracket in the finals except the U18. Where was TNFC? Ummmmmmmmm, guess decisions made last year by TNFC weren't very good decisions.



TNFC had to clean out the rodents that were killing it. TNFC is in better shape than ever after withstanding a complete lack of leadership for 4 years that tried to kill the program. TNFC has a healthy happy growing membership, a new professional competent board, great soccer leadership from the new DOC and TD, unbelievable fields and a ton of them, tons of skill programs, great young teams with great young players and an energetic talented new coaching staff. TNFC is happy with where we currently reside.


The big difference is that TNFC is happy for Brentwood to do well and represent Tennessee. Its Brentwood that has negative posts gloating about bumps in the road that TNFC had in the past and ironically caused by the same people that got kicked out and joined Brentwood. TNFC's past problems now reside at Brentwood. Hope it works out. But TNFC is glad that Brentood did well at state. They deserve it. We do our thing without worrying about others. We hope everyone does well and helps kids learn to play soccer. But its a new day and a new positive attitude for TNFC now that the problems have left. Our teams and players will do just fine in the future.

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There was no one at Brentwood that was "kicked out" of TNFC. The Boys DOC position at TNFC was cut out to save cost, we were told in a general membership meeting. The coach remained after the position was eliminated to coach his teams. Maybe this is what you are referring to as "kicked out;" however, it is untrue to say that anyone was kicked out of TNFC. Maybe you can call that a de facto firing from the Boys DOC position.


To my knowledge, every single coach that left TNFC to go to Brentwood left because they wanted to coach at Brentwood. They didn't leave because they were "kicked out." I don't know what happened to the coaches that left to go to other clubs. You would have to ask each of them why they left. When you say TNFC's membership is growing, you leave out the fact that it decreased after tryouts two years ago when many people left to Brentwood. TNFC did grow, but that was only because there was a merger with Impact. Maybe you weren't aware of what transpired and why people choose to leave. Good luck to both clubs going forwards.

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Looks like Brentwood had a team in the Boys State Cup in each age group finals for the top division except U16.


U12 Finalist

U13 Champions

U14 Champions

U15 Champions

U17 Champions

U18 Finalist

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