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Maryville @ Alcoa 2009

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OK well..............like you have your opinion I have mine..........Alcoa was a better team than Maryville at championship time last year with Maryville's injury's at WR positions. Alcoa had a better run game and passing game at that time. Maryville Defense was better but not much better.


Opinions are one thing, but that was a pretty bold claim. Is it your opinion that Alcoa would have won the 4A state championship game last year had they, rather than Maryville, been playing in it?


I'm not about to get into the 40% fray, because I don't think it matters.


Alcoa played Maryville very close last season. But Juhlin, Jordan, Smith and the defense where the difference makers in that game. At the championship game, with Jordan walking the sidelines Maryville became one dimensional. Hillsburo started putting pressure on Juhlin. Without a passing game threat and a off night for Juhlin, Maryville tried to rely on the running game. I agree..Maryville's running game did improve over the season with Jones and Shuler, but a GQ offense needs a passing game. My opinion is Alcoa's running game was stronger and the passing game with Jordan injured was better.......again at championship time. The question comes down to whether Alcoa's Defense could have held Hillsburo to 7 point? Probably not. But.........for it to be a "bold claim" is to assume Maryville was light years better than Alcoa and that's was not the case. So......therefor that's my opinion! :wacko:

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"Can't we all just get along." Rodney King






I don't care where they went to middle school or where their daddy played. Lets put 22 on the field and play some FOOTBALL.



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A comment like that in August speaks volumes as to the competition you play most weeks, and how difficult you feel your journey through the playoffs will be.


For one that comment was a little bit of tongue and check. I was just giving you a little bit of ribbing. Alcoa hasn't won anything yet. As for the competition Maryville has played to get to the championship game. I would say that it hasn't been much better than what Alcoa's had to play against. Granted the teams in the championship game have been very good but I say to you Alcoa's been better than any team Maryville has faced before you have gotten to the title game. So typical of SOME of the Maryville elitist. And look here comes one of the elitist ring leaders FBEmoron. Right on cue... :wacko:



I'll admit I will say some stupid things sometimes, but you take the cake.


"Alcoa's been better than any team Maryville has faced before you (MHS) have gotten to the title game". That is foolish. Hey Alcoa should not feel bad they can't beat Maryville ether. The past few years Morristown, Central, Rhea Co and a few others would have beaten Alcoa like a rented mule! Just like Maryville normally does. It's been Alcoa’s year how many years now? Yes, maybe this year. The sun shines on,,,,..........well you know.


Even IF Alcoa should win this game, a Maryville they are not. I don't care how many 2a teams you run the score up on. Beating MHS is not something Alcoa will ever do of a consistent basis. You know it and it really makes that imbedded hate hurt.

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I'll admit I will say some stupid things sometimes, but you take the cake.


I too will admit you say some stupid things…. :wacko:


Wow, Rebel fan…The dark side has taken over the lot of you.

Of course, fear of the unknown will create a paranoia that is tough to shake. That is what happens when you move up in classification, is not really knowing what lies in wait. But now the trickle down effect has led you to turn on your little brother.

The banter has been less than tasteful on both sides this year. Why? I haven’t a clue.

I have stayed out of it and will continue to do so, BUT I will offer this tidbit for you to ponder.

The Evil Empire has become a victim of their own success. When Rebel Nation started winning at an abnormal pace (1998), Little Rebels to be started flocking to Broadway from the nether regions of the county (and beyond) and life was good for MHS. But the classrooms started filling up quickly and the annexation of subdivisions by the city left fewer and fewer spots for tuition students to land.

Where are they all gonna go????

To Alcoa, of course.

Now Alcoa schools are feeling the pinch of overcrowding and annexation as well and Heritage and WB are getting back some of their student-athletes.

Alcoa is in the process of building a new school and it will have to hold in excess of 1000 kids and the F5 will be facing the same unknown fear of taking on “the big boys.” I can just hope that our fans will be a little more respectful to the life-long crosstown rival than they have been this year.

I don’t care who started it, It just needs to stop.

This series is bigger than your fandom or your kid if he plays.

And this game will be played for many years after we’re gone.

I am just sick that I can’t be there to see it, You don’t know how lucky you are.

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Where in the heck was I whining in that post? I was making fun of Rankin for always bringing up the enrollment size when Alcoa plays Maryville.



Wassup Ron?

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The county schools go through coaches like I go through underwear.

Well Loverboy....eye meen Rebullron....Eye heer that rite thair aint true no moore......Tha countee skools dont go thru that minny coaches...... :wacko:

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These are the kinds of statements that make me angry. For whatever reason, whoever Maryville is playing tends to think it's okay to assert that Maryville never beats anyone. Of course, it will mean nothing to you that I'm at the MHS games watching those opponents while you're at the Alcoa games. Of course it will mean nothing for me to say that in having seen both Alcoa and MHS's other opponents over the years that I think Alcoa would suffer the same fate at the hands of other, larger schools that they do against Maryville most years...nevermind the fact that you don't actually have the luxury of having seen these teams play in person (and, yes, I'm making the assumption here that you're actually going to Alcoa's games and seeing them play).


There's a flaw in logic there. For many an Alcoa fan it has gone like this: Maryville is the best in 4A. Alcoa is the best in 2A. Alcoa only lost to Maryville, so they must be better than all the other teams that Maryville beats as well. (And yes I understand that those classifications have changed, so please not that I spoke in the past tense intentionally.)


That reasoning doesn't work.


I won't say that no Maryville folks have made any outlandish claims on this thread, but you can read through all 50+ pages and this will be the first post you've seen from me. I'm disappointed in the way the discussion of this great rivalry has deteriorated this season. We're usually better than this.


I'm looking forward to a great game, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it in person. Does anyone know if there's a way to watch it without going? TV? Internet?



Let me start by saying that this would not have been an issue, if your MARYVILLE (MLREB,mhs & FBE) posters would not have made it one. As for not playing anybody. I would say maybe the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs but there has been some good 2a teams. That's not Alcoa fault for playing a 2-8 team first round or a 6-5 club the second round. That's the TSSAA fault. We just play who they put in front of us. There has been some good teams that we have played also. CAK was very good 2 years ago. Tyner, Marion County, DCA, & Loudon 4 years ago were very good teams for 2a. The fact is we have been on a different level in 2a BUT the Maryville fans don't want to accept that. Instead you want to tell us how we haven't played anyone. You want to diminish the accomplishment of our kids. Then can we not use that same logic. Also, I have seen a few teams that Maryville has played (this side of the bracket) in the playoffs and I can tell you Alcoa would have probably beaten all of those teams during there run the last 5 years. Of course we don't know because NONE OF THOSE TEAMS WOULD SCHEDULE ALCOA IN THE REGULAR SEASON. NONE OF THEM!! Why don't you Maryville fans call these schools up yourself and ask them to play a school with 540 students to get an easy win?



OOHHH yea FBEmoron, I talked to a few of Rhea County's coaches at the championship game between Alcoa and Milan. They were very impressed with Milan and Alcoa. They also said that they would have had a hard time beating Alcoa but we will never know. As for Central and Morristown the last 5 years. :wacko: Morristown has not been very good since they beat you guys 6 years ago. So you need to get your facts straight there. Central had a good team in 05 but beating us common.


Of course I won't be able to use this logic anymore. Maryville will have to play one of the best teams in the state to make it too the title game. They will have to play one of the big boys from Nashville. This will definitely make it tougher for you guys. 6a is much tougher to win titles and I guess this is why you guys are so upset. Because you'll never break ALCOA'S championship string of 5 straight (and counting as of now).


As for the game on Friday. I will always support this community and team no matter what happens Friday night. If we lose then we move to the next game. If we win then we have a chance to go undefeated this year and make history again with 6 in a row. :wacko:

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Can anyone tell me who will be playing both ways on each respective team? If so, do they play a significant number of plays (70%)? I know in the past it seems Alcoa has more players playing offense and defense.


In the 2006 game (17-10), I think Cobb, Lanxter, Hodge, Thompson and others played both ways. I believe it showed in the 4th quarter when Maryville had a 6:42 drive that went 69 yards and ended the game.


It appears to me Maryville coaches try not to have their guys play both ways, especially the linemen, even if it means not putting their best eleven on the field. Just look at the 4th quarter of the Halls game last year. If Alcoa can’t do this too (with about 80 or 90 out for football), then I am assuming Maryville has the talent more evenly distributed so fatigue and depth is not as critical a factor. If this is the numbers that Rankin is talking about, I quess I understand.


If I am Rankin, I do not want to go into the 4th quarter with the game close. I respect Alcoa’s coaches and their talent on the field. I see more discipline on the team than in the past (2005).


This is a great rivalry because of the mutual respect the players have for each other and the commitment to excellence exhibited by both programs. This is why I love living here and I have no idea who to pick! I think I’ll just enjoy the game!

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