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Cleveland Girls Qualify for State


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Cleveland Girls' Netters Advance to State


The dream season continues for Cleveland girls' tennis.


The undefeated Blue Raiders (10-0) edged defending Division III state champion Siegel, 4-3, in a D-I AAA sectional match Thursday at Lee University for the program's first trip to next week's state final four in Murfreesboro since 2001.


The Siegel boys also punched their ticket to the state with a 4-0 win against Cleveland, while GPS stopped St. Agnes, 5-0, in D-II AA quarterfinals play.


Cleveland-Siegel Girls' Match: In a match-up of the young kids on the block and the state tournament-tested veterans, youth was served as the Cleveland No.2 doubles team of Maclain Yowarski (freshman) and Ayesha Rock (sophomore) clinched the school's biggest tennis win with an 8-6 triumph against Hayley Edwards-Caroline Elbaum.


???On the one hand, we respected Siegel coming in, but on the other I have preached all season that I don't care who stares at us across the net, we are going to play smart and play tough,'' said fourth year Cleveland coach Elizabeth Davis. ???No doubt we had some nerves early on, but we steadied the ship and played well.''


Cleveland withstood singles wins by seniors Emily Gray (No.1) and Edwards (No.2) and countered with straight set victories at Nos. 3-4-5 for a 3-2 advantage going into doubles in the 5-2 format. Yowarski, Patten Feehrer and Rock claimed Blue Raider wins.


???We are young, very young (three players do not have a driver's license) so we have worked to develop a true team concept and thus far it is working,'' Davis stated.


Siegel then pulled even at 3-3 as its No.1 doubles team of Gray-Jessica Boles defeated Catherine Jordan-Kelsey Cantrell, 8-5. With the pro set tied 5-5, Gray-Boles held twice and earned a service break in the final three games.


All eyes then turned to No.2 doubles.


Kowarski-Rock served at 5-3, but neither team could hold serve in the final six games ??????" Siegel's Edwards doubled faulted on the final two points - and Cleveland had its sectional title and hotel room keys waiting in Murfreesboro.


''Both doubles teams were tight in that final match as evidenced by the services breaks, but Ayesha and Maclain came up with some big points,'' said Davis.


''With only one senior (Feehrer) among our top five, one of our biggest tasks is building confidence,'' stated Davis. ???I believe we gained some heart and some confidence with this win today against a strong Siegel team.''


Davis knows all about heart.


The 31-year-old physical education teacher at Mayfield Elementary (???I tie shoes and have fun with the little ones'') has withstood two bouts of bone cancer ??????" two long jagged scars on her right arm are evidence of life's tough blows - chemotherapy, radiation and loss of hair twice, topped by a court battle and loss of an adopted son.


???One of our team slogan's is 'life's not fair', and I remind the players of this on a regular basis,'' she said.


Davis, who played No.1 singles for Cleveland in 1996, believes the current squad, due to its depth, is the best girls team in school history, including the 2000 and 2001 teams which also advanced to the final four.


???I believe our depth will serve us well next week,'' Davis stated. ???We have to be tournament tough and go up there and rock and roll and see what happens.''


If Blue Raiders can successfully rock and roll at the big dance in the semis and finals, a big party awaits them. But they will have to hitch a ride with the coach, who is one of the few on the team who can sit behind the wheel.


Cleveland's No.6: Blue Raider senior Caroline Grisard will also be part of the state tournament excitement as she will compete in the state singles competition (May 21-22) as region 3 champion.


Boys' Match: Siegel clinched the match in singles and improved to 13-2. Ben Todd, Peter Elbaum, Brad Leeman and Michael Horenkmamp registered wins for the Stars. Region 3 champion Cleveland ended the season at 6-4.


GPS Wins: The three-time defending D-I AA champion Bruisers also advanced to next week with a 5-0 win against St. Agnes. Meredith Morrow's victory at No.3 singles clinched the win at 4-0. Other winners were Sarah Evans, Bronte Goodhue, Ann Elizabeth Holley and Lauren Schlabach.




Cleveland 4, Siegel 3


Kelly Gray (S) d. Catherine Jordan, 6-2, 6-1


Hayley Edwards (S) d. Kelsey Cantrell, 4-6, 6-2, 6-0


Maclain Yowarski (Cl) d. Caroline Elbaum, 6-3, 6-0


Patten Feehrer (Cl) d. Jessica Boles, 6-3, 6-1


Ayesha Rock (Cl) d. Misato Okamura, 6-1, 6-0




No.1 Gray-Boles (S) d. Jordan-Cantrell, 8-5


No.2 Yowarski-Rock (Cl) d. Edwards-Elbaum, 8-6


Records: Cleveland (10-0), Siegel (8-6)




Siegel 4, Cleveland 0




Ben Todd (S) d. Tyler Wickman. 6-2, 6-4


Peter Elbaum (S) d. Jake Pullen, 6-3, 6-2


Brad Leeman (S) d. Alex Klibis, 6-3, 7-6


Michael Horenkamp (S) d. Corey Baggett, 6-3, 6-1




Siegel (13-2), Cleveland (6-4)


contact B.B. Branton at [email protected]

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