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Start Times for Volleyball --Time for a Revolt!!

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Why is it that high school volleyball matches start at 4:30 in the afternoon?


Don't coaches realize that they can't build a following, have any amount of tickets sales, or even get the schools' students to attend games if they start so early??


I tried to attend some East Tennessee matches this week, but the matches started before I got off work. From talking to parents of players, they are upset that their kids are pulled out of their classes time and time again, and that they are having to miss work repeatedly to even watch their kids play.


Don't most schools get out at 3:30?


When I did walk into the gym on Tuesday night -- hardly anybody was there.


Nobody would dream of starting a football game so early or a basketball game?


How hard is it on these volleyball players to repeatedly miss their afternoon classes so that they can travel to their matches, change clothes, possibly grab a bite to eat, and warm up before they play??


What are the start times in your area? What are these coaches possibly thinking? Does TSSAA have input into the start times or is it left up to the schools or districts?

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I have often wondered if some schools put their volleyball matches so early because they think that students will stay late to watch. Perhaps they are considering the homework load and trying to get girls out early?


Our district has JV games at 5pm and Varsity at 6pm with few exceptions. If varsity didn't play at 6pm we wouldn't even have parents in attendance. Our district is wide-spread with teams traveling up to an hour away for a match. We usually have a pretty good crowd for varsity matches including students who come back to watch and fellow athletes finishing up their afternoon workouts. Of course, starting at 6pm means that many nights we don't get home until 9pm -- home matches maybe by 8 if we win in 3 :thumb:


Has anyone had a positive experience with early matches? If ours were at 4pm we lose our entire crowd.

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Ours usually start 4-4:30 for freshmen, 5-5:30 for JV and 6-6:30 for varsity. However, last night we had both Freshmen and JV go 3 games, so varsity didn't start til around 7PM. This makes for a late night after dinner and homework...

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I being partial to volleyball am insulted when the same respect isn't given to volleyball as is basketball and football. ahhhh maybe during our lifetime high school volleyball will become equally respected. I too have missed a few games because of early start times. Popularity does seem to be increasing as is interest in participants. We are seeing more and more college v-baLL on TV also. baby steps......

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