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CAK travels to Elizabethton...

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Thanks for your well wishes. I haven't been to E-town in about 15 years, but it was the same as you described. First time for a football game, so I'm excited about that. Since your Tornadoes aren't playing Friday you can take a peek at whats happening with the game by tuning into 96.3FM. The transmitter is in S.Knoxville so hopefully you can pick it up. It's our first year for a complete radio broadcast of our games so don't be too critical


Footballdad, you all are doing a great job. Exciting game to listen to. I will be at the CAK/Alcoa game next week but will listen to your broadcast...........be nice now :thumb: Have to admit pulling hard for the Cyclones. 4 min. left in the game. GO TORNADOS!

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yeah, Our starter QB went down but was slow jogging down the sideline after half time. The other injuries, #18 and #14 didn't stand back up the rest of the game.


plain and simple those missed FGs cost us a win.


Some quick stats: CAK averages about 300 yrds/game but were held to 199 tonight. EHS had 185 yards as well...the actual numbers might be a bit different if you count the rushing yards etc. But overall EHS did better then I expected. CAK managed to squeeze by us this time :popcorneater:


The game was good and CAK fans were good but there was this one Armchair Coach from CAK that yelled the whole time. It was tolerable until our player Hodge(#14) got injured while making a great catch for a first down and the guy continued to yell about how we didn't get the 1st down even though we had a guy down and everyone was silent, fans across the stadium heard that clown and it was was very poor showing and he did a GREAT job of representing a CHRISTIAN academy. I felt sorry for the respectful CAK fans that were there for having t claim that fool. One of EHS former students told him to shut up and he replied with "Bring it" and this was from a grown man telling a college kid to "bring it" lol

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Good game. I am a Cyclone "homer", but sat on the CAK side and had a nice conversation with a couple of CAK fans the whole game. Neither offense gained over 200 yards. The CAK defense stuffed the Cyclone run all night and that was the key to the win. The Cyclone receivers, especially Zach Boles, were every bit as good as CAK's. Both teams had several turnovers and lots of penalties. The missed extra point and field goals may have cost Betsy, but the injuries are my main concern. QB Ryan Thomas, WR/FS/Kicker Taylor Hodge, and DE Alec Whitehead all went down and did not return. Congratulations to CAK. You are good and did what you had to do to win. Good luck against Alcoa and if we see you again in the playoffs it will be another good game.

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