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Sullivan South Rebels 2010

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Anybody want to talk football?


Confucious defines idiot as: someone who beats their chest because they can beat schools half their size...then loses every year in 1st round when they play in their division. :roflol:

That's a good one.

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Just for the record, Confucious has been dead for a long time and never heard of a football. But if he was still alive he would be a DB fan and would make fun of South fans just like everybody else does.


WaCoJaCo says....Team that loses to another team 15 years in a row should keep mouth shut forever.


This is a better one. One that you could actually learn from.

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Next up... Week 0... Knox West... ill be there will you? It'll be an emotional rollercoaster for the boys in blue. We've got a brutal early schedule in my opinion. Lets start it off right with a victory over our brothers from West. See you there :thumb:

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Comp, I know it has only been two days, but have you heard any feedback from the Garvin family on how Ty is doing at VMI so far?


No. I will give it a bit yet.

Edited by compusatman

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Can i get a rundown of the jamboree... who won the events, what did the teams look like (i know its just the jamboree), did carter come up guns blazin' like usual?


Thank you, and have a good day gentlemen. :ugeek:


TN high #85 won fastest lineman, SH RB Mitchell won fastest back, Central QB won longest throw, TN High kicker won longest kickoff, SH Punter won longest punt.

First quarter ended 7-0 with Boone over Crockett

I can't remember the second quarter score of South and TN high but it was fairly close. I think south had the edge on the scoring.

Third quarter ended 9-7, advantage DB.

Fourth quarter was mercifully ended by a thunderstorm, with SH killing central 20-0. SH only ran 7 offensive plays to boot.

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