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Div. I State Championships 2010

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Just checking to see what shows everyone is doing that were at Div. I State last year. I look forward to this contest more than Contest of Champions for the fact that I came from a small school, with a small band, and like watching what everyone one is doing. Here is a list of last year's finalists (I believe), and feel free to list any other bands shows that are doing as well.








Oliver Springs




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Okay, so it has been a couple of weeks or so, but I finally got the chance to post.


1) Adamsville- WWII or WWI. Excellent show as usual, enjoyed the theme. thought they could have put a little more highs/lows into the music. BEST MUSIC IMO - 1st


2) Cascade-Didn't really see them this high, a bit surprising to me. IMO - 3rd


3) Goddpasture-1812 Overture. Thank goodenes for their visual package, because the music was a bit weak. Did not think they deserved best drumline over Adamsville. Very good drill, and deserving of BEST VISUAL, DRUMLINE, and COLOR GUARD. IMO - 4th


4) Forrest-Very fun show, and I thought should have been higher. Very good general effect and music.

IMO- 2nd


5) Trenton Peabody- Good clean show, but I just never felt the emotion in it at all. Also, though the drill was clean, it never did anything for me visually. BEST DRUM MAJOR IMO - 6th


6) Halls- Continues to be good, but just can't seem to make that leap into the top 5. IMO - 5th


7) Huntington - Very surprised they made finals, but give them credit for making it. Not as strong or entertaining as in year's past, but still more fun than the majority of the finals shows. IMO - 9th


8)McKenzie - West Side Story. Still don't see what gets them in year after year. I saw at least 5 shows during prelims that I thought should have been in over them. IMO - 10th, or not in at all.


9) Humboldt - They seemed to be the most excited about making finals, and I enjoyed their show when they played. Looks like a group on the rise. IMO - 8th


10)Houston County - Phantom of the Opera. Good low brass sound, and enjoyable performance. IMO -7th


Missing from finals after last year:

My personal favorite, and nephew's group, FAYETTE ACADEMY. Absolutely shocked that they did not make finals. Had better GE than half of the groups in finals. IMO - should have been in.

DCA - Down this year big time.

Oliver Springs - Fun show, and very good drumline. I was puzzled at the drumline recaps and their score.

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Mckenzie's band is not that bad this year. i see them perform at home games and everything sounds and looks good to me. I'm glad they made it to finals they deserve it. After not makin it to finals the last 2 years i was in school good for them for makin it. Our band might have not been strong but in my opinion there wasnt a drumline around that could touch us.

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