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Tennessee MidState/Allstate Band Members Count 2010-2011

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Congrats to all who made it this year! GREAT JOB!!!!


2010-2011 Tennessee Senior Mid -State Results (alternates not included in tallies)

Tullahoma 28

Franklin High 14

Brentwood 13

Siegel 13

Blackman 13

Ravenwood 12

Hendersonville 11

Oakland 10

Station Camp 9

Community 9

White House 9

Hume Fogg 8

Father Ryan 7

Martin Luther King 7

Rossview 7

6 members: Riverdale, Spring Hill

5 members: Gallatin, Cookeville, Columbia , Clarksville

4 members: MacGavock, Smyrna, Hillwood, Cascade, Wilson Central, Coffee Co.,

3 members: Moore Co., Page, John Overton, Creekwood, Davidson Academy,

2 members: Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra, Shelbyville, Centennial, Dickson, Lincoln Co., Independence, Smith Co., Upperman, Lavergne, Antioch, Good Pasture, Merrol Hydel Magnet, East Robinson, Donelson Christian Academy, Springfield,

1 member: Livingston, Beech, Nashville Notes, PT, Eagleville, Blair, Franklin Co., Westmoreland, DeKalb, Kenwood, West Creek, Houston Co., Lebanon, Marshall Co.,Harpeth, Ezel Harding, Portland




2010-2011 Tennessee Senior All-State (these numbers were included in the total Mid-State Count)

Tullahoma 6

Blackman 5* (1 student earned 2 All-State seats, 6 seats total but only 5 students)

3 members: Community, Hendersonville,

2 members: Brentwood, Station Camp, Moore Co., Siegel, Ravenwood, White House, Franklin High School, Father Ryan, Coffee Co., Rossview

1 member: Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra, Blair, Franklin Co., Gallatin, Upperman, Spring Hill, Hillwood, West Creek, Oakland, Dickson, Hume Fogg, Wilson Central, Merrol Hyde MagnetDonelson Christian Academy

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