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Benefit Lunch for Chris Bird's new baby


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Dear friends,


I am sending this email in regards to my brother Christopher and his wife Joey who welcomed baby Wyatt Bird into the world this summer on July 10th. I am unsure if you are aware that baby Wyatt spent only a few days at home before he was admitted into T.C. Thompson’s Hospital where he spent the next twenty seven days of his life undergoing tests and treatments in order to diagnose his issue. In the months following his extensive hospital stay, he has been back and forth between home and the hospital. While at home, he is on monitors and a feeding tube twenty four seven and is in need of constant supervision by Joey which has made it impossible for her to return to work this year. Christopher and Joey are still taking Wyatt to the doctor on a weekly basis. Due to the care Wyatt is in need of right now, we are hosting a benefit luncheon at Jones Memorial Methodist Church on Sunday September, 25 at 12:30 in honor of Baby Wyatt. All of the money raised will help Christopher and Joey meet the needs of Baby Wyatt.

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