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Club volleyball in knoxville

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and that is why you and your child are at KVA. Because you don't care about playing D1. That's fine, but don't talk "crap" about the other girls just because they have set there goals a little higher. They may never get to their goal but thats what they set it at. Just read twitter. K2's goal is to help every girl reach there goal whether hey do it or not. 


I know you don't know who Mary Wise is so let me tell you who she is.She is the university of Florida's volleyball coach. She told her junior recruit from Chattanooga to play at K2. J hames didn't go and recruit her. Heck he doesn't go and recruit anyone. Ask the girls mom if this is true. I did and that's what she told me. 


Don't bash girls for setting lofty goals. That's not what the bible teaches, does it????

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I'm not bashing the girls. Great that they have high goals, but promising them all D1 placement is not being honest with them. Telling them what they want to hear to keep them coming back (and not playing high school to stay and pay for private lessons.) treating the girls, that they have trained since 12 years old that they aren't valuable to them now.

Funny thing is it's the 2team girls that paid the bills there. When you let players play free and on 1 team it's only the 2 and lower teams contributing the cash. How many 2 teams does k2 have this year? Especially in the 15 and 16 year old age bracket. Strange how the "master" coaches (a self imposed title btw) have the least number of players in the club.


And What's with all the bible references? Don't know if you are trying to insult me with them, but I've never used anything from the bible, because I'm atheist maybe you have been assuming you know who I am? Taking this blog personal?

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You need to educate yourself and not rely on what you are told.

Of course you think what you wrote it's the truth, that's what they tell you. You only see the side from a free player with a tall kid. You get different priveledges then most. Yes, Tom loves your kid and will do all he can to make her the best player he can. He wants the fame of claiming he created a D1 player. Your daughter will play for a D1 school no matter where she plays club or who coaches her she is a 6'3" 15 year old!

It's not the parents being told they are getting D1, it's the girls! They believe it. Most parents are realistic, and I say most, not all.

As far the tall statement it's just starting, give it time. You are so all knowing.....pay attention to other ages not just your own. And yes, it has been told to the girls directly they aren't tall enough that's not a lie! Carrie was told her jump touch wasn't higher, really? That's what makes a setter? A jump touch? After being told she is the best setter in the club. And as far as her replacement, she may be athletic because but not nearly the talent. That's why the hitters left to join Carrie. Educate yourself!


I don't have to "do my homework" I've been there longer than you and have seen much more than your one year of special treatment has opened your eyes too. And if you have always been told "straight up" from k2 you are definely the only one. That's a joke.

You do your homeork, they only they call themselves master coaches because sports performance calls their coaches that. Difference is, sports performs has the history and record to back it up. J has nothing. Tom has some, but all he claims to can't be substantiated. But you can google him and see how he was disliked so much in Colorado they wanted him gone. That you CAN find. Do your homework!

Again, you believe what k2 tells you about UT! All lies there. Hames was let go from a volunteer position. How bad do you have to be for that to happen? Patrick "let " those girls go. He didn't have to he could've set them on the bench, made them ride out the contract but he didn't. He would rather have a less competitive team then girls who followed someone else's coaching than the one the college paid for!

I can't wait for MEP too. It'll be interesting. We will see...in all ages. The only age that did any kind good in MEP last year was 15. The only difference is even if KVA isn't the best at MEP our girls will still have had fun on and off the court.


Dave DID NOT ask tom to help with the club! Yet, another lie you have been told and choose to believe. And that one is the most absurd of them all! Getting kids away from Tom is one of the main reasons the new club was even was started! Get your facts straight! Carrie took lessons from Tom for a while until his true nature started showing. Your daughter is a favorite of Tom, she probably won't be subjected to his "teaching" style. Yes, many players left his team last year. At least 2 I know of have chosen not to play this year do to the stress he put on them. Out of the 4-5 he had to bring up from other teams to fill in order to have a full team, 3 or 4 are at KVA. They chose not to stay and possibly make the 1team because they didn't want tom as their coach. I know you think he hung the moon. It's understandable tho, if my daughter was given free play and the attention yours is, you would have to be a supporter.


But before you go on and tell others to educate themselves maybe you should be in the arena for more than just one star eyed filled year!


Kva hasn't "promised" anything to any girl other than abuse free coaching and competitive play.

And again D1 status isn't the only value KVA acknowledges in volleyball players.

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Oh.... And kva website listed all district award winners no matter where they played club and what school they go to. It's not a competition to say who can congratulate a girl for an achievement. Get over yourself. Your daughter isn't on there now anyway, old news!

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Oh, And if you did know everything, k2 has awful financial skills. I'm not going into detail here because some decorum of privacy is needed on a blog. But shady happenings and money issues have been a problem so I can't imagine how losing 30 or more players with some charter and free staying can be a money maker.

And if you educated yourself you would know that playing MEP league is waaaay cheaper than playing conventional tournaments. But for some reason that savings isn't passed down to the parents.

And while I'm on a rant, have some decency and don't use names of girls on here. It's not necessary!


Enough said I've spent way too much time on this, when you will never change my mind and I won't change yours!

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Good for you. Way to go.

My number one priority isn't getting my daughter a meeting with a d1 college coach, she'll be going to college for academic reasons first. I'll be sitting down looking through the scholarship options for her intelligence. Same for you? Oh, never mind you'll probably never experience that. Realistically, Volleyball isn't a career option for 99.9% of college players. But I'm glad you have that as your goal, looks like you've achieved it! Again way to go!

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I wish a moderator would "nuke" this discussion! These type of discussions are why club volleyball is getting such a bad "rap" in many volleyball circles.  ALL clubs have their pros and cons, good and bad (coaches included).  Enough with the ridiculous, childish attacks from all sides. Let it go! 


Many volleyball veterans are disgusted at what volleyball has morphed into.  For so many players, coaches and parents, it's no longer fun at the club, high school or college levels.  


I read the other message boards on CoachT and they rarely have these acerbic attacks that we seem to have on the volleyball board.  It's so easy to hide behind a screen and take shots players, coaches...and now, even parents. 


I'm always reminded of the old saying, "Talk is easy. Achievement is difficult."


Can we please stop this nonsense? It's only perpetuating some very negative stereotypes  pinned these days on our beloved sport and what it has become.


PEACE, LOVE and Volleyball.

Edited by HardAngle

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