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Are Farragut & Hardin Valley the two best teams in TN for 2015?

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Yea the game where we beat Farragut like a drum is still talked about. After all us West TN teams are so sorry and awful at baseball that we have to hold on to something right? I'm glad I had two younger brothers there still playing ball to give me a reason to go to the games. What's your excuse? I bet an old man with a bald spot sitting in his underwear at the computer every day pulling down kids because "HIS" Admirals are so much better is more acceptable. Everyone on here knows your toughness is an act and everyone knows that not all Farragut fans are as ignorant as you. And I bet they disown you on here too. So yea I am still reminiscing about those days, even while I was playing college ball and getting my degree. It was a brotherhood. You keep telling everyone about "your" Admirals cause I am sure thats the only thing going right in your life. Have a nice day and try to hurt yourself when you it sets in that HVA beat Farragut and there is nothing you can say to fix that.

Guess I hit a nerve with that one. Too much truth right? Ps. Farragut didn't make the tourney in 2007. Would be hard to beat them like a drum having not played them.

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What it ultimatey boils down to is jealousy. That's alright, I'm sure Farragut people find it flattering that their West TN counterparts wish they could accomplish what Farragut has the last 12 years.

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